New Image From Pixar's Latest Short Film: 'Partly Cloudy'

Partly Cloudy is the newest short film from the animation wizards at Pixar. It will precede their newest feature film called Up, and it tells the story of where storks get babies before they deliver them to people's houses.

You know, that old tale...

We've already had our first glimpse at the short film last month, which was just wonderful, and today we have another image from it for you to feast your eyes on. It gives a lot closer of a look at the faced-cloud and the stork this time around, and although less photo-realistic than the first released image was (purely because of the animated faces), it's still damn great looking. Check it out below (click for high res version):

As I have said before, it just shocks me that Pixar is able to Up (see what I did there?) their game every single time they release a new movie. Although I think as straight-up movies, as stories and such, some of their work is a tad overrated (I won't name names...), as far as pure technical animation goes, they are simply untouchable.

Not long to go now before we can bask in yet another wondrous Pixar animation, and as always I'm sure their newest short film will be a great precursor to the fun adventures that will follow.

What do you make of what we've seen of Pixar's newest short Partly Cloudy? Are you looking forward to it, as well as Up?

Partly Cloudy will be shown before Up when it is released on May 29th in the US, and October 16th in the UK this year.

Source: AICN

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