First Image Of Bruce Willis In 'Surrogates'


Back in May, Screen Rant wrote about the first images released for the film. Now, we have a new image featuring Bruce Willis taken directly from a scene in the movie.

The film is based on the 2005-06 comic series of the same name where in the future, people live their lives through remote-controlled robots (the Surrogates). The story follows Agent Greer, played by Willis, who must leave his home to investigate the murders of other Surrogates.

I’ve not read the book but the basic premise sounds like it will make for an interesting film – It’s like a real life Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing (MMORPG) game. Plus, I’m always up for a Bruce Willis action flick.

Here is the official image released for the upcoming Disney film:

Click here to see the high-res image at Coming Soon.

What do you think? Does this grab your interest?

Surrogates is directed by Jonathon Mostow (Terminator 3, U-571) and is due out September 25, 2009.

Source: Coming Soon

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