'I'm So Excited' Teaser Trailer: Comedy on a Plane

Two years after his superbly-crafted psychological body horror film, The Skin I Live In, Spanish maestro Pedro Almodóvar is shifting gears with I'm So Excited, a light-hearted comedy (very light, according to Almodóvar) whose narrative takes place entirely on an airplane.

Leave it to Almodóvar to find levity in disaster; the airplane in question happens to be suffering from a mid-flight technical failure, and in the face of death the crew dedicate themselves to entertaining and delighting the passengers as much as they can while they pray for resolution to their plight. If the above trailer lives up to its zany promise, then audiences should be in for a great ride - when the film arrives this summer.

Almodóvar has worked with several of I'm So Excited's cast members before: Javier Cámara (Bad Education), Cecilia Roth (All About My Mother), and Lola Dueñas (Volver) are no strangers to his cinema, and in fact Cámara and Dueñas have worked with him more than once in the past. They're joined by Raúl Arévalo and Carlos Areces, both of whom featured in Álex de la Iglesia's The Last Circus in 2011, so clearly Almodóvar isn't the only person here looking to try their hand at something with a cheerier, more buoyant timbre.

For those unfamiliar with Almodóvar's body of work, the celebrated director actually started his career by making people laugh - notably with 1982's screwball comedy Labyrinth of Passion. He's explicitly stated his belief in the past that entertainment is a key component of not just his films, but of all films, and that sentiment shows consistently across all of his work - even something weighty and dark like Volver. So if the change in tone between I'm So Excited and The Skin I Live In strikes anyone as odd, never fear; the unabashedly, joyfully wacky overtures captured in the trailer feel like they're right in Almodóvar's wheelhouse.

The more I hear about the film, and incidentally the less I see of it, the more my anticipation for it ratchets up. Without a doubt, I'm So Excited is one of my most anticipated films for 2013.

Are you ready to hop on-board with Almodóvar for his latest picture?


I'm So Excited releases in US theaters June 28th, 2013.

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