The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of Illumination Animation Characters

From the Despicable Me franchise to the Grinch, Illumination Animation has produced some of the most fun animated comedies in recent cinematic history. And a lot of that comes from the hilarious characters that they've created. Because we love those characters and the films in which they star, we matched our favorite Illumination Animation characters to the personality type that fits them. At least, the ones according to the Myers-Briggs® Personality Test website.

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We listed our findings for your viewing pleasure, so without further ado, here are The Myers-Briggs® personality types of Illumination Animation characters.

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10 Cindy Lou Who - ISFJ

Cindy Lou Who has a plan in Illumination's recent take on Dr. Seuss's classic tale of The Grinch. In this version, she believes that the only way to help her single mother is to capture Santa Claus. With the help of her friends, she goes about setting this trap. Of course, adults know that Santa doesn't work that way, but in her mind, that's the best way to fix a problem.

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In this way, we think Cindy's an ISFJ, the personality type known for their common sense solutions to problems. Plus, ISFJs are loyal to their loved ones, and if someone's willing to trap a mythical being to lessen their mother's workload, we'd say that's a pretty loyal person.

9 The Lorax - ISFP

The Lorax

Listen to your ISFP friends, if you have them. Odds are they're pretty wise. That's because ISFPs like the Lorax see things for what they are. So when something they value is in danger, they go about trying to solve the problem. Clearly, that's what the Lorax is all about. Plus, ISFPs tend to have a strong connection to nature.

Since the Lorax is almost a mascot for environmentalism in American culture, we believe he deserves this spot more than any other Illumination character.

8 Rosita - ENFP

There's probably more than one ENFP in the Illumination film Sing. ENFPs are attracted to performance and the arts, so a movie centered around that is bound to feature a few. However, we chose Rosita as our ENFP representative because she's just so enthusiastic about her desire to perform.

Even though she's got a lot to worry about in her life, she's got an unkillable free spirit and dreamer's personality. Even if there wasn't a (mistaken) $100,000 reward on the line in this film, Rosita would still enjoy singing. And that's because, just like any good artist, Rosita and her fellow ENFPs treasure activities in which they find meaning. Whether others do or not.

7 Meena - INFP

One of the reasons Meena is such an interesting character in Sing is actually the difference between her personality and Rosita's. Unlike Rosita and other ENFPs, Meena is introverted about her interests. She finds deep meaning in them, yes, but she'd rather not show that side of herself to others.

Still, her art is tantamount to her, a quality she shares with other INFPs. Plus, Meena's got one of the best voices in Sing, and INFPs are known for their talents.

6 Max - ESTJ

ESTJs are all about keeping the status quo. They are usually outgoing and value their relationships with others, so when those relationships or social statuses are in danger, they get testy. that's definitely the case with Max, the main character in The Secret Life of Pets franchise from Illumination.

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Similar to Woody in Toy Story, max has a very comfortable relationship with his owner, and feels threatened by the introduction of a new person. Er, dog. Though not every ESTJ would go to the lengths Max does to keep the status quo, their values are usually very similar.

5 Margo - ENFJ

Even at such a young age, Margot is a leader. She kind of has to be, since her sisters didn't have parents to guide them. ENFJs are natural leaders, and we think Margot fits this personality. ENFJs care about the people around them, and compassionately motivate them to grow through encouragement.

However, this means ENFJs can also be overly protective, which is definitely something we think about Margot. Heck, she doesn't always trust Gru even after her adopts her. Speaking of relationships with Gru...

4 Lucy Wilde - ESFJ

Lucy Wilde is the best agent the Anti-Villains League has. And that fits right in with her ESFJ personalities. ESFJs excel at what they choose to do, often dedicating years to learn and perfect the necessary skills. ESFJs also gravitate toward organizations that they feel share their values.

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A law enforcement agency like the AVL in the Despicable Me franchise is a perfect example of one of these. Actually, there are probably a lot of ESFJs as main characters in spy films, but to Lucy's credit, very few of them get to be voiced by Kristen Wiig.

3 The Grinch - INTJ

You can always count on INTJs to have a long-reaching plan. So when you come across a character who has an idea to literally steal Christmas, you can probably bet he is one. That's because INTJS are visionary in nature. When they learn, they immediately wonder what they can do with their new information.

It makes them cool heroes in fiction, but it makes them absolutely incredible villains. In fact, many believe that characters like Professor Moriarty and Hannibal Lecter are INTJs. And while the Grinch isn't as bad as either of them, he's definitely got some similarities.

2 Scarlet Overkill - ESTP


Speaking of villains, let's talk about the main antagonist in the popular Despicable Me spinoff, Minions. It's a film made primarily to watch the goofy Minions cartoonishly screw things up, so it's very interesting that a non-Minion would stand out as a character.

Maybe that's because Scarlet Overkill is voiced by Sandra Bullock, or maybe it's her ESTP-ness. ESTPs have a zest for life, they enthusiastically approach any problem with a signature flair and confidence. Illumination Animation already has some fantastic villains, and Scarlet Overkill stands out even among them for this reason.

1 Gru - ISTJ

Gru chooses his daughters over stealing the moon in Despicable Me

Probably the most popular character in Illumination Animation, Gru is an ISTJ in every way. ISTJs are scientific characters, so it makes sense that you'd probably find one in the role of an evil genius. They are analytical and detached by nature, and though Gru does end up becoming attached to his future daughters, he can still have difficulty empathizing with their problems.

Like any introverted scientist, Gru is a natural and aggressive problem solver, occasionally at the cost of his sympathy for others. Still, when he does rise to the role of hero, this problem-solving is exactly what saves the day. And besides, if he wasn't a bit of a detached curmudgeon, the Despicable Me franchise would be a whole lot less fun.

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Who's your favorite Illumination Animation character? Which Myers Briggs Personality Type would you give them? Let us know in the comments section below!

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