Fired IGN Editor is Drowning in Plagiarism Accusations, Content Removed

An editor at the entertainment website IGN who was fired over plagiarism concerns will have his work scrubbed from the site. With the explosion of online content in the last couple decades, original material and proper attribution of sources becomes paramount. Those who work predominantly in the digital space are keenly aware of this and will seize on any transgressions quickly. The editor in question, Filip Miucin, learned that lesson the hard way.

The accusations began after Miucin published his review of the multi-platform game Dead Cellsand YouTube channel Boomstick Gaming called him out for plagiarizing their own review. They provided plenty of evidence of how Miucin closely paraphrased their work without providing citations or a link to the original video review. The accusation caught people's attention, and quickly more examples of Miucin's shady work emerged.

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Writing for Kotaku, Jason Schreier provides a detailed summary of the week-long controversy that resulted in Miucin's firing and IGN pulling all of his work off the site. Schreier also includes a screenshot of Miucin's LinkedIn resume indicating that it had been largely copied from a template. Between IGN's own investigation and others, several of his reviews and articles have been similarly compromised, and each have been replaced with holding screens while they work out what to do next. In a statement, IGN apologized to Dead Cell's developers, those whose work was plagiarized, as well as the readers of the site.

Miucin tried to defend himself in his own YouTube video, but the evidence and negative response have been overwhelming. While some of his articles may be restored if they are determined to meet IGN's standards, the damage has already been done. Schreier provided links to several examples showing the range of sources Miucin plagiarized, including Wikipedia. Several of IGN's staff are quoted in the article, expressing their surprise, outrage, and regret regarding the whole mess.

While a single plagiarized article may slip through the editorial process from time to time, it's mind-boggling that Miucin thought he could get away with it for so long. In a time where content is king, creators have an undeniable incentive to keep track of where their work ends up, and the tools to do so. Many of the tips regarding Miucin's questionable articles came from readers and gaming enthusiasts who did the legwork of connecting the dots. Everyone who enjoys gaming journalism has an interest in keeping the process honest, and IGN responded in the appropriate manner, taking the necessary steps to begin the long process of restoring their audience's trust.

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Source: Kotaku

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