'If I Stay' Prologue Trailer: Chloë Grace Moretz Must Make an Impossible Choice

Chloë Grace Moretz in If I Stay

Today's new release, The Fault In Our Stars, isn't the only young adult tearjerker novel adaptation opening in theaters this year; near the end of August, Warner Bros. will unleash If I Stay, for those who cannot resist a poignant teenage coming of age story.

A new trailer has been released for the latter (see above) - no doubt to coincide with the arrival of Fault in Our Stars - with the film's lead, Chloë Grace Moretz narrating the prologue from Gayle Forman's source novel, accompanied by footage (much of it recycled from the first trailer) and part of M83's "Outro" - a tune which, you might recall, was also used in the trailer for Cloud Atlas a couple years back (to similar moving, heartstring-tugging effect).

Forman's book and its cinematic counterpart alike, both revolve around seventeen year-old Mia Hall (Moretz), a musician who dreams of attending Juilliard, but also finds herself conflicted over her future plans once she falls in love with fellow musician Adam (Jamie Blackley). However, when a car accident leaves her family dead and Mia in a coma, our young protagonist undergoes an out of body experience, while debating a far more difficult question - to stay behind and salvage her broken life, or move on to whatever comes next, after she leaves the world of the living.

Chloë Grace Moretz in If I Stay

The If I Stay movie script was penned by screenwriter/novelist Shauna Cross, who's proven to have a talent for offering noteworthy variations on familiar coming of age tropes (especially, in stories featuring a female protagonist), with her previous scripts for Taking 5 and Whip It - the latter being based on Cross' own book, "Derby Girl", no less.

Similarly, Moretz has demonstrated great versatility, when it comes to portraying adolescent characters (see: the Kick-Ass movies, Carrie) - and looks to continue doing so, both with If I Stay and, later this year, with her Jodie Foster Taxi Driver-inspired teen prostitute role in The Equalizer opposite Denzel Washington. Director R.J. Cutler, by comparison, has a background primarily rooted in TV shows/documentaries (see: American High, Nashville) - which is to say, he's a bit of a wild card here. Everyone has to start somewhere, though, so should If I Stay turn out well, then it might better establish Cutler's name on the map.

Rounding out the If I Stay cast are such folk as Stacy Keach (Nebraska), Mireille Enos (The Killing), Joshua Leonard (True Detective), and Liana Liberato (Stuck in Love).


If I Stay opens in U.S. theaters on August 22nd, 2014.

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