20DOESN’T HOLD UP: The Simpsons

Mr Burns is Shot in The Simpsons

Now, some of us are huge fans of The Simpsons. Have been for a couple of decades now. At its best, the show deftly blends sophisticated satire and parody with the sillier stuff, like Homer being airlifted out of Springfield Gorge and repeatedly bashing his head on the side of

the cliff all the way up. Then the ambulance crashes and he falls all the way down again. Something for everyone, humour-wise.

Having said that, though, even the staunchest of fans will probably tell you that the show hasn’t been firing on all cylinders for some time now. After 30 seasons and over 650 episodes, that’s completely understandable, but the very worst thing a beloved sitcom can do is outstay its welcome.

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