Ice Cube to Star in FX Vigilante Series 'Eye for an Eye'

Ice Cube is set to star in a television series entitled Eye for an Eye being developed by FX.    Eye for an Eye would be the first television series Cube has starred in.

The television show would center around Ice Cube's character, a paramedic, who - after witnessing his fill of violent crime scenes and the broken lives of victims and community bystanders - becomes a vigilante that seeks to punish the perpetrators and avenge the victims.

The twist in the series revolves around the fact that Cube's character, far from being your regular selfless hero, begins to enjoy his violent actions and becomes addicted to metering out the harsh justice, which in turn begins to destroy his private life.  He then struggles to reconcile the two disparate sides of his persona.

Ice Cube's previous television experience had been as a series guest on Are We There Yet?, a show that airs on TBS,  which he is also the executive producer of.   That show was the offspring of his own family comedy movie Are We There Yet? and is a modest basic cable hit

Ice Cube has had a wide arcing career in the entertainment business, from music (as one of the founding members of the seminal rap group NWA) and later as a movie writer/producer/star in such diverse fare as Friday, Player's Club, and Three Kings, as well as the upcoming 21 Jump Street.  Despite veering into family-friendly fare as of late, are you still interested in seeing what Cube has up his sleeve for his first TV role?

No air date has been set for Eye for an Eye. The actor's production company, Cube Vision, along with Prospect Park Productions, is currently searching for a writer to pen the pilot episode.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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