I smell the start of a trend...

First Peter Jackson did it with King Kong, now Bryan Singer is doing it with Superman. What is "it"?

Video diaries of the moviemaking process.

It's kind of like watching the "making of" special features on a DVD before the movie is out on the big screen, nevermind on that little silver disc.

This has been extremely popular on Peter Jackson's King Kong website, and now Bryan Singer has given exclusive rights to his video diary (or video blog, as he calls it) to I have a feeling that we're going to start seeing a lot more of this on big budget, blockbuster-type films.

I've only seen a small bit of Peter Jackson's diary since I don't want too see too much ahead of the film and I feel that will take away some of the magic when I finally sit down to watch his upcoming remake of the classic. What I have seen, I like. Jackson is very down to earth and the videos seem to be very informative... just the kind of stuff hard core movie fans eat up.

Bryan Singer's first one seems to be more of an introduction to the concept, with a few fleeting shots of production art and preliminary stunt shooting. Hopefully the cutesy, goofy style that opened his first video will not continue on in later episodes. One thing that annoyed me particularly was the use of the goofy "Otis" theme from Richard Donner's version of Superman. Seeing as how I'm expecting a serious, non-parody treatment of this film, hearing that music in the video diary gave me the willies.

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