I Officially Hate Non-Americans (Just Kidding!)

The day I marry my beautiful wife and the birth of my wonderful children; these are two dates I'm looking forward to.

Yeah, right... of course, those are B.S. I'm about as single as single gets and childless beyond imagination.

No, the real dates I'm looking forward to are the theatrical releases of The Hobbit and Superman: The Man of Steel whenever Warner Brothers officially announces the dates (both coming in 2010) and Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (this coming Memorial Day weekend!)

I also find myself becoming as giddy as a school girl when I hear news of the latest James Bond film Quantum of Solace. The previous outing, re-boot Casino Royale was without question, one of 2006's best films. Daniel Craig added much-needed humanity and vulnerability to 007, becoming the first actor since Connery to truly make the character his own (in my opinion!).

Never has the phrase "James Bond will return" brought such applause outta film-nerds across the world. The only downside, of course, was we had to wait *gasp* two years for the next installment!

Now comes word that Sony Pictures plans on releasing QOS (or Bond 22) in the U.K. on October 31st. Meanwhile, France and Belgium will get the film on November 5th, and Germany and the Netherlands get it a day later on November 6th. And finally, at last, we chumps in the United States have get to see it on November 7th, 2008.

I realize the difference is only a few days. But I just can't wait to see Craig return as Bond!

Source: Variety

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