'I Am Number Four' Trailer #2

I Am Number Four movie trailer

What do you get when Michael Bay produces a movie about teenage humanoid extraterrestrials who hide out on Earth, romance actual humans, and must learn to control their superpowers so as to defend themselves against Romulan-like creatures? Kudos to those that answered I Am Number Four.

A second theatrical preview for the film - which was co-produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by D.J. Caruso (Disturbia, Eagle Eye) - has made its way online. DreamWorks Pictures hopes this will be the first entry in a new hit franchise and will release I Am Number Four in IMAX theaters early next year.

Alex Pettyfer is the new Robert Pattinson in I Am Number Four and plays an alien on the run with his grizzled mentor, Henri (Timothy Olyphant). The pair seek refuge on Earth as Number Four - who dubs himself John Smith - and his kind resemble ordinary humans, but possess unique qualities like telekinesis and the ability to shoot lasers from their hands. Things get trickier when John falls in love with a small town girl (Dianna Agron) and a band of ruthless aliens with murder on their mind catch up to him.

The similarities between I Am Number Four and Twilight are just too strong to ignore; the "girl falls in love with a mysterious guy-who's-not-human" romance, moody atmosphere, and coming of age storyline are virtually the same. Even the F/X in the I Am Number Four look to be on a par with that of the blockbuster teen/vampire romance franchise - cheesy, but overall satisfactory.

Judging by the footage in this new trailer, what sets I Am Number Four apart from the adventures of Bella, Edward, and Jacob is aliens with glowing hands (along with evil ones that look like Eric Bana's Nero from Star Trek) and a load of vibrantly-colored explosions.

Watch the second I Am Number Four trailer (courtesy of Yahoo! Movies) below:

The premise behind I Am Number Four (that each of the numbered aliens must be killed in sequential order) is intriguing and the first trailer contained a nice mix of sci-fi elements and comic book tropes that made it look more like X-Men, less like (sorry to beat the dead horse, but...) Twilight.

After watching this second trailer and the alien love story featurette, I Am Number Four looks more like it'll be another forgettable teen romance/drama pic that tries to mix things up by heaping on more mindless, but unimpressive action and not much else.

I Am Number Four arrives in regular and IMAX theaters in the U.S. on February 18th, 2011.

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