Movie Media Roundup: 'I Am Number Four','Adjustment Bureau' & 'Hanna'

Today's roundup of movie clips and behind-the-scenes videos include extraterrestrial teens who can fire laser beams from their hands, other-worldly men in fedoras who control your destiny, and an average 16-year-old girl who could probably kill you using a tissue. Sound fun?

First there's a new featurette for I Am Number Four, followed by a few clips from The Adjustment Bureau, and a scene from this spring's Hanna to have a look over as well.

The Year of the Alien kicks off this week with the release of I Am Number Four, director D.J. Caruso's (Disturbia, Eagle Eye) adaptation of Pittacus Lore's best-selling YA novel. The film stars Alex Pettyfer as "John Smith," a.k.a. Number Four, a renegade, teenage extraterrestrial from the planet Lorien who struggles to remain undetected by evil creatures that seek to murder John and his eight kin, each of whom must be killed in sequential order due to a protective charm.

While the second trailer and previous featurette for Number Four painted it as being heavier on teen drama and romance than super-powered alien action, the third theatrical preview indicated that the sci-fi film is more than just Twilight with aliens. Based on the reactions from early screenings of the movie... it sounds like the former may have been the correct impression after all.

Number Four does look to boast much more impressive stuntwork and F/X than those on display in the Stephenie Meyer's supernatural teen romance series (you can thank producer Michael Bay), and this new featurette for the movie offers a glimpse at just that.

Check it out (via MySpace) below:


The Adjustment Bureau

Bourne Ultimatum screenwriter George Nolfi reunited with star Matt Damon for The Adjustment Bureau, an adaptation of sci-fi icon Philip K. Dick's short story "Adjustment Team." The plot revolves around up-and-coming politician David Norris (Damon) and professional ballerina Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt), whose newfound romance threatens to be torn apart by the forces of fate - quite literally - as a league of mysterious men in suits representing Destiny itself strive to separate the two lovers.

Nolfi is making his directorial debut with Adjustment Bureau, which tackles a number of recurring themes in Dick's work (choice vs. pre-determined fate, the existence of God), within the context of a mind-bending thriller. There's also an interesting grey color scheme to the visuals (costumes, sets, etc.) on display in both the official Adjustment Bureau trailer and this early footage, which seems to further accentuate the idea of a world where nothing is straightforward (i.e. black or white).

The Adjustment Bureau may not go down as the best adaptation of Dick's material ever (most everyone will agree that honor still belongs to Blade Runner), but it certainly looks more thought-provoking than other cinematic treatments of his literature (Next, Paycheck).

Check out three clips from The Adjustment Bureau (courtesy of Universal Pictures) below:






Joe Wright took a break from directing period romances and uplifting dramas to helm Hanna, a thriller that stars Atonement's Saoirse Ronan as the titular character - an adolescent raised in the Finnish wilderness by her father (Eric Bana) and trained to become the ultimate assassin.

The official U.S. trailer and international theatrical preview for Hanna both portrayed the film as a beautifully photographed but hard-hitting action flick in the vein of The Bourne Identity. Add to that a pulsating, techno music soundtrack composed by The Chemical Brothers and it's quite clear that Wright's new movie aims to be a far cry from what he's done before.

While this early-released scene from Hanna overdoes it a bit with the strobe light effect (those who are easily thrown off by excessive flashing flares, you have been warned), it also provides a nice sample of how Wright looks to have shot the action and chase sequences in his thriller - with a steady hand (i.e., no shaky cam - rejoice!).

Watch the Hanna clip (via Cinema Blend) below


I Am Number Four hits conventional and IMAX screens this Friday, February 18th.

The Adjustment Bureau arrives in U.S. theaters next month on March 4th.

Hanna will be released on April 8th.

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