I Am (Not Yet) Legend?

Hollywood loves a franchise. We get it!

But that does not mean that you make a sequel/prequel to every film - even films that don't deserve it!

The Will Smith-starring I Am Legend was a stand-alone film, based on the wonderful novel by Richard Matheson. Now it would appear that the film made so much money that a prequel is in order.

Be warned SPOILERS FOLLOW about I Am Legend so if you haven't seen it yet...

Last chance!






Will Smith bloody dies in the film - and the movie told us about the events that took place before the film's main narrative. So why on earth make a frickin' prequel?

Cash-money, that's why.

Considering that Smith bit the big one at the end of the original, a prequel is the only way that the A-list star can return.

D.B Weiss is scripting based on an idea by Smith, Akiva Goldsman, James Lassiter and Francis Lawrence.

Do yourself a favor - skip this cash grabbing follow-up and buy Charlton Heston's Omega Man and Vincent Price's The Last Man on Earth instead!

What will it be called?  I Will Be Legend?

Source: Variety

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