'I Am Chris Farley' Documentary Will Premiere On Spike TV In August

Chris Farley

Countless comic geniuses have graced the stages of Saturday Night Live over the course of the past forty years. Moreover, during that time, the show has seen more than its share of tragedy, as a number of those stars met untimely deaths that robbed the world of years of laughter (John Belushi being one of the most (in)famous examples of this).

Actor/comedian Chris Farley also left behind a comedic legacy that includes a host of memorable SNL characters (as well as roles in 1990s feature films like Tommy Boy and the Wayne's World series), despite his life being tragically cut short in 1997. An upcoming documentary will now provide a more thorough examination of Farley's rise from aspiring comic to superstar.

The documentary in question is I Am Chris Farley, from filmmakers Brent Hodge and Derik Murray (directors of A Brony Tale and I Am Evel Knievel). I Am Chris Farley aims to tell the full story behind Farley's life, from his early days through to his run at Chicago's Second City Theatre and subsequent stardom. It will also feature interviews with a number of the late actor's SNL co-stars, including David Spade, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers and others.

Scheduled for release in "key markets" this summer, the film will later make its television debut on Spike TV on August 10th (and shall be made available on VOD soon thereafter).

Chris Farley in 'Tommy Boy'

Farley's popularity has lasted over the decades since his death, so it's easy to see why he is a perfect candidate for this kind of documentary treatment - especially, given his professional success and complicated personal life. It's also reassuring to note that the film not only makes use of clips of Farley's work, but also home movies provided by Farley's family - including his four siblings - who were involved in the production.

In the wrong hands, I Am Chris Farley could easily be viewed as an exploitative project simply looking to make cash in on Farley's continuing fanbase. As it stands, though, the film could be an interesting watch for those looking to gain a more in-depth understanding of Farley's life and times, with input from those who knew him best.

No doubt, there's a sad tale at the heart of Farley's journey. However, it remains to be seen how deeply I Am Chris Farley will delve into the darker elements of its subject's life.


I Am Chris Farley will air Monday, August 10th, 2015 at 10pm on Spike TV.

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