10 Hysterical Smallville Logic Memes Only True Fans Understand

Smallvile isn't serious all the time. And these 10 hysterical Smallville memes will definitely crack up any hardcore Smallville fan.

Smallville, the story that lasted for 10 years on The CW as it told the origin story of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and how he became Superman. Still keeping the title as the longest-running comic book TV show of all time, Smallville was an important chapter for superhero media on the small screen. With its success on The WB and then The CW, it paved the way for more superhero shows to come to life. In the case of The CW, the Superman prequel drama was, in more ways than one, responsible for the Arrowverse to become a reality. The series also happened at a point where social media hadn’t become what it is today which now plays a big part in the viewing experience of TV and film.

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But with the major fandom that Smallville had behind itself for 10 years, the Internet still had its presence of fanart and memes to enjoy. As solid of a show that it was, there were definitely things that you could laugh about throughout the run, but in all the good ways. With the series getting involved in the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, it’s time to look at the 10 most hilarious memes that true Smallville fans will appreciate.

10 Smallville Vs. How I Met Your Mother

Before Cobie Smulders landed the major role on How I Met Your Mother, she did appear on Smallville! While most comic book fans may know Smulders better for her role as Maria Hill in the MCU, the actress actually did get to play with the DC Universe for a guest-spot.

Although she didn’t show up as a hero as she, in fact, played a villain. Imagine if Ted had gotten to tell the story of when Aunt Robin tried to kill Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum.) That probably would have been a more entertaining ending than what fans got when the sitcom revealed its twist ending that Ted and Robin actually got together.

9 Super High School

While they never got to officially call themselves the Justice League, Smallville definitely had its own proto-version of the iconic team. Starting in season 4 and onward, the series did introduce several Justice League members over the course of Smallville's run. There were even the occasional team-ups with many of the veterans coming back every once in a while. Justin Hartley's Green Arrow was the only Justice League member to ever become a series regular in season 8.

Even though we never saw what happened to the team on the show, the Season 11 comic did explore their evolution. This meme, however, is what we choose to believe is what they pretty much turned into when they "graduated."

8 Truck Truth

It's still a mystery how the Kents managed to recover so much of their damaged property in the show's 10-year run. Unless they had some insanely good insurance, it's a wonder that the Kent Farm still stands after the many times it has gotten damaged or even destroyed.

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One of the on-going gags was that the truck was always in accidents almost every season. But the hilarious aspect of it was that they would always have a new truck almost immediately the next episode. Sometimes, like the meme points out, it did feel like the truck was fixed right away by the next scene in the same episode.

7 Super-Coach

Before Supernatural, Jensen Ackles had another adventure on The WB (also, later The CW) in season 4 of Smallville. For that season, he was not only Lana Lang's (Kristin Kreuk) boyfriend, but he became the Boy of Steel's football coach.

It's a shock that Supernatural never did a one-off episode where Dean Winchester got taken to the world of Smallville where he got to be Superman's football coach for a day. Imagine how Sam (Jared Padalecki) would have reacted to his brother coaching the Man of Steel himself.

6 Smallville 101

Given that it went on for 10 seasons, explaining Smallville to a friend wasn't always the easiest thing to do. With so many characters and mythology to summarize, an explanation could certainly go on for more than 30 minutes. This meme, however, is the perfect 101 to the Superman adventure with some of the most important points established. The greatest one is definitely ¤4 as there was a group of fans that for the longest time believed that Chloe Sullivan would one day become Lois Lane a.k.a the "Chlois" conspiracy.

Even after season 4 when Erica Durance got cast in the role, Chlois-fans were still sold that this wasn't the real deal and that Chloe would still become the actual Lois one day. But thankfully, that fantasy never came to fruition and it's perfect for a 101 guide like this.

5 Attacking the Costumes

For the great aspects that fans celebrated with Smallville, the costumes were sometimes not always so lucky. Given that the show was made pre-Arrowverse, they had their own distinct look to when they did super-costumes. Even today, several of those costumes still hold up and are one version of the DC characters to enjoy. But if fans want to be really picky, we can always use this meme as an example. Look at how "dedicated" (or lack of) certain productions were with making comic book costumes back in the day.

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So anytime someone feels like picking on Smallville's costumes, always remember that at one point, Batman had bat-nipples, Thor barely looked like an Asgardian and that Captain America's iconic helmet was just an oversized motorcycle helmet.

4 Neglecting Metropolis Medical

When you are as rich and resourceful as Lex Luthor, your connections are definitely endless. But something that did become hilarious over Smallville's run was Lex's constant brag-dropping of knowing the best doctors or specialists in the world. Looking back at the first seven seasons, Lex would always be on standby to fly in experts.

It's a miracle that no doctors at Smallville Medical Center or Metropolis General Hospital never snapped on Lex for constantly forgetting their existence.

3 From Smallville to The Flash

Several Smallville actors have actually made their way over to the Arrowverse throughout the last 8 years. From Durance playing Kara's (Mellissa Benoist) mom on Supergirl to many more, The Flash had a double-feature in season 5. Sarah Carter and Jessica Parker Kennedy played the big bad and new hero respectively as Grace Dwyer (future version)/Cicada II and Nora West-Allen/XS.

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But what Arrowverse fans may not know is that the roles were reversed for the two of them on Smallville. Kennedy played DC villain Plastique while Carter played the complicated Alicia Baker.

2 Crisis on Infinite Marc McClures

One of the many actors to play Jimmy Olsen in live-action Superman properties is Marc McClure who played the Man of Steel's best pal in the Christopher Reeve franchise. However, the actor has enjoyed himself in other DC media as well.

It's in a way like a Crisis on 3 Marc McClures as he showed up on Smallville and recently Justice League. Imagine how fun it would be if he somehow shows up during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

1 Accurate Singing

One of the best things with Smallville was and always will be Remy Zero's Save Me which became the show's opening credits song. The minute the cold opener would cut over to the theme song, it was a jam session for many Smallville fans as the lyrics are irresistible. But it's always the 'Somebody Save Me' part where fans would use their lungs and vocal cords at maximum strength to sing their hearts out because that is how good the theme song was.

This meme alone is a perfect example of what most fans would do in front of their TV screens as soon as they got to the opening credits.

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