Hype Bros Finally Split On SmackDown Live

It has been a year of tag team breakups for WWE. The Golden Truth, Enzo and Cass, The Vaudevillains, DIY—and now The Hype Bros. No team is safe regardless of what brand they are on. This week on SmackDown Live you can add another team to that ever-increasing list as Mojo Rawley's turn on Zack Ryder has seemingly brought the curtain down on the run of The Hype Bros.

For the second week in a row, Ryder and Rawley pitted themselves against Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, newly christened The Bludgeon Brothers. Last Tuesday night, The Hype Bros didn't fare so well. Harper and Rowan took out Ryder and that just left Mojo Rawley at the mercy of the former Wyatt Family members. Naturally, it meant a win for The Bludgeon Brothers. This past Tuesday didn't go any better.

At least this week, Ryder managed to remain in the ring and in the match, but it didn't result in a different outcome. In fact, because of that, this week's showing from The Hype Bros was probably even more embarrassing for them than last week's. Harper and Rowan didn't take long to defeat them at all, and that led to a dejected Zack Ryder performing an interview post-match about how the tag team landscape had changed on SmackDown Live and that they needed to adapt.


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Well, it has now changed even more so. Midway through the interview, Ryder was blindsided by Mojo Rawley and attacked by the man we can now confidently call his former tag team partner. Clearly, Rawley is sick of losing alongside Ryder week after week. An interviewer caught up with the ex-Hype Bro backstage and all he had to say were the words that Ryder had said moments earlier, that the landscape has changed.

This break up has felt like it has been in the cards for a while. Zack Ryder spent a large chunk of 2017 sidelined through injury and in that time WWE gave Mojo Rawley something of a successful singles push, during which he won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. It's actually quite surprising that they reunited The Hype Bros at all considering how high they seemed to be on Rawley at one point. Clearly, they wanted to make the NXT alumni a heel though, and this was the perfect way to do it.

The immediate future will likely see a singles feud now blossom between Rawley and Ryder. Odds are Rawley will be the one coming out of that rivalry looking the strongest. Someone backstage is clearly a big fan of Rawley—it may even be Vince McMahon himself—and we're likely to see exactly how big a fan they are in the coming months.


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