'Hush, Hush' Book Series to Be Adapted by LD Entertainment

Hush Hush Becca Fitzpatrick LD Entertainment

Even before the Twilight Saga wrapped up with Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Hollywood found itself struggling to cash in on the craze for young adult supernatural romance. Pointed attempts such as Beastly and Red Riding Hood have been met with mixtures of disinterest and derision, and no one has yet recreated the strange alchemy that sent Twilight to the top of the charts.

Now, production company LD Entertainment has cast its hat into the monster-lovin' ring with an adaptation of the popular YA novel series Hush, Hush. Detailing the courtship between a high school girl and a fallen angel, Hush, Hush looks to rather explicitly borrow from the mold of Twilight in its combination of teen romance and otherworldly themes.

LD Entertainment has purchased the film rights to the Hush, Hush Saga, written by Becca Fitzpatrick. The novels' optioning comes just months after the publication of the fourth and last book in the series, Finale. LD Entertainment is best known for its recent production of off-kilter films such as The Grey, The Collection, and Killer Joe. Patrick Sean Smith (Greek) has been tapped to pen the adaptation of Hush, Hush.

The novel Hush, Hush centers on a high school sophomore named Nora Grey, who finds herself increasingly entangled with local bad-boy Patch Cipriano. As she finds herself more and more infatuated with the scarred young man, Nora discovers that he is actually a fallen angel who has been tasked with killing her because of her unique bloodline. When Patch ends up smitten with Nora, other angelic assassins are sent to finish the job.

With four novels to work with and a proven demographic of interested viewers, it's obvious that LD Entertainment hopes to make Hush, Hush something of a tentpole franchise. Though not quite the blockbuster titan that was the Twilight series, the Hush, Hush Saga has sold millions of copies worldwide, thus setting up a guaranteed fanbase even before a single frame of movie has been shot. As such, LD's decision to acquire the rights to the novels is a solid – though not necessarily guaranteed – investment.

Hush Hush Finale Becca Fitzpatrick LD Entertainment

At the same time, one must address the rather overwhelming elephant in the room: by almost any metric, the summary of Hush, Hush makes it sound like a blatant Twilight rip-off. A scan of the first novel's summary does little to dispel the notion – most of the structure, dramatic beats, and even the climax mirror the original Twilight to a disturbing degree. While these similarities may only be superficial, they may also end up turning off anyone who isn't already familiar with the series. As such, the finished film product could very well be a fans-only affair.

All this said, it's too early in Hush, Hush's development to cast any kind of judgment on the production. LD Entertainment's reputation for getting behind creatively adventurous and/or jarring pictures could mean that, for all its "me-too" similarity to Twilight, the adaptation of Hush, Hush could be a refreshingly dark take on the bloated supernatural romance genre.

Hush, Hush currently has no projected release date.


Source: LD Entertainment

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