The Hurricane Heist Trailer Reveals the Sharknado of Heist Movies

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The Hurricane Heist looks like the Sharknado of heist movies in the first trailer for this high-concept action extravaganza. Rob Cohen of Fast and the Furious and xXx fame directed the wild disaster movie/crime thriller hybrid. The movie stars Maggie Grace (Lost), Ryan Kwanten (The Oath), Toby Kebbell (Kong: Skull Island), Ralph Ineson (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Ben Cross (Chariots of Fire).

How's this for a mind-blowing premise: While a Category 5 hurricane bears down on the Gulf Coast, thieves unleash a plan to steal $600 million from a U.S. Treasury facility. When their plan goes off the rails, they must get their hands on a Treasury agent (Grace) who holds the code to the vault. The agent teams up with a skittish weatherman (Kebbell) who - in case the premise wasn't wacky enough - is trying to save his brother who was kidnapped by the thieves. Not since Twister has a storm chasing geek gotten to be the star of an action movie.

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Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures has released the first trailer for The Hurricane Heist. And true to its title, that's what the movie delivers: a heist set during a hurricane. The thieves' plan to use a hurricane as cover for their crime is either pure genius or stupidity of the highest order. See the trailer above.

Maggie Grace in Hurricane Heist

Hurricane Heist director Rob Cohen only has one gear, and that's full speed ahead. The trailer lays things out as plainly as possible with the tagline: "$600 million stolen at 600 MPH." Of course the Scorpions' "Rock You Like a Hurricane" blasts on the soundtrack. Because this is a Rob Cohen movie, there is lots of driving action. This is the kind of movie where the weatherman character has a tricked-out storm chasing truck. And somehow everything ends up as an insane chase involving semis. Did we mention there's a Cat 5 hurricane happening while all this Rob Cohen madness unfolds?

One can't help getting a Sharknado vibe from shots of a massive hurricane sweeping in, laying waste to everything in its path. What do you want to bet the storm surge results in the streets teeming with sharks? And at some point the heroes have to battle the sharks? Nothing should surprise us after witnessing the utter insanity of the first trailer for The Hurricane Heist. Rob Cohen has made some over-the-top movies, but this one looks like it might stand as his masterpiece.

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The Hurricane Heist blows into our worlds on March 9th, 2018.

Source: Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures

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