The Hunger Games: The 10 Most Dangerous Tributes, Ranked

The Hunger Games franchise is all about a group of "tributes" running wild in an arena killing each other. Now, since normally the tributes are selected at random, it's always a gamble whether or not they will be capable and dangerous contestants.

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Over the course of four movies, we as audience members have been introduced to several tributes with varying degrees of lethality. (The more dangerous the tribute, the more likely they will survive and eliminate other tributes.) We ourselves don't approve of slaughtering random people in a battle royale. But, as viewers, we can appreciate the strength and cunning of these death-dealing tributes. Read on if you want to know the top ten dangerous tributes to ever appear in The Hunger Games series.

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10 Cashmere

Cashmere the fabric is softness made into tangible form. Cashmere the tribute from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is a hard and deadly woman. She was one of the tributes from District 1, also known as a "Career" tribute. That means she spent time training for her participation in the arena. She probably learned a lot of lethal skills. However, she ranks low on this list because we didn't get a chance to see much of her in action during the film or book. She attacks Katniss, but is quickly dispatched with an axe to the chest thanks to Johanna's quick work.

9 Clove

Clove, like Cashmere, is also a Career tribute. Thus, she learned a ton of deadly skills before she ever stepped foot in the arena. In both the film and the book, Clove demonstrates a talent for throwing knives with deadly accuracy. When she gets in a fight with Katniss by the Cornucopia, she actually wins the fight. It's only because she was taken by surprise that she ended up dying. Thresh, the tribute from District 11, came up from behind and then overpowered her. Clearly, range was Clove's ideal fighting distance. Close combat was not her forte.

8 Gloss

Gloss is Cashmere's brother, another Career tribute from District 1. (We're sensing a bit of a pattern in lethality when it comes to tributes from District 1.) Gloss looks like an Adonis, but don't let his handsome features fool you. He is a machine of murder. He won during his time in the Hunger Games, and when he was selected for the Quarter Quell, he showed off some insane skills there, too. Gloss is the one who kills Wiress during the Quarter Quell, though his own life is ended by Katniss Everdeen shortly thereafter.

7 Thresh

Thresh in The Hunger Games

Thresh is an interesting tribute, kind of like a sleeper tribute that shocks others when they realize how capable he is. During the 74th Hunger Games, Thresh is able to survive on his own. He does not team up with anybody, but he still manages to hold out.

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He took out Clove, and the other Careers actually avoided the area he was camping out in because they knew he was that big of a threat. That's saying something. Unfortunately, in the film, Thresh was taken down by those muttation dog-things during the night. (It wasn't really night, the time of day is simulated in the arena, but you know what we mean.)

6 Finnick

Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair

Finnick Odair is not just a pretty face with a nice smile. He's got some mad skills with a trident. (We know, it's a little weird to think of a trident as a viable weapon, but Aquaman has shown us the light.) Put a trident in Finnick's hand, and you have yourself one of the most dangerous tributes who ever lived.  Finnick won his Hunger Game when he was only fourteen years old. That made him the youngest tribute in Hunger Games history to ever win. He also became a Capitol darling over the course of his life, which is a method of survival when it comes to the Games.

5 Cato

Cato, the District 2 tribute from the first installment of The Hunger Games, excelled at close combat. His weapon of choice was a sword, and he had a nasty habit of breaking people with his bare hands. Despite how easy Cato made this move look, it takes a bit of strength in order to be able to pull that off. While he didn't win the 74th Hunger Games, he was in the top three spots. Plus, in the film at least, Cato probably killed the most tributes during his time in the arena. Not a feat to be proud of, but it's still impressive.

4 Enobaria

Enobaria in Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Just looking at Enobaria freaks us out. If looks could kill, hers surely would. Not that she relies on her looks alone. Enobaria became famous in the Capitol for ripping another tribute's neck out with her teeth. The infamy of this deadly method spurred Enobaria to file her teeth into sharp points. She looks like a woman with a shark's mouth. She is also one of the few tributes by the end of the franchise to have survived the entire ordeal. Enobaria lived through the Quarter Quell and the Districts' rebellion, becoming one of a handful of Hunger Games survivors.

3 Johanna

What Johanna Mason lacks in strength, she more than makes up for in cunning. During the 71st Hunger Games, Johanna pretended to be weak. She fooled every tribute in the arena, and probably the viewers too, into thinking she was not a threat. When only a few tributes were left alive, Johanna killed them all with her insanely useful and existent fighting skills. When she was picked as tribute for the Quarter Quell, Johanna once again relied on her smarts and latent ferocity to survive the ordeal. Despite her demeanor, she is not to be underestimated.

2 Katniss

This one is a no-brainer. Katniss Everdeen is the main character of The Hunger Games series. However, she was not chosen for this spot simply because she is the protagonist. She is a seriously lethal person. Katniss earned this spot. Her skill with a bow and arrow is undeniable. She has remarkable accuracy, even when under pressure. Katniss might not be as clever as some when it comes to utilizing Capitol publicity, but she managed to garner popularity anyways. (She had a lot of help from friends.) Katniss is clearly a dangerous tribute to fight against

1 Haymitch

The Hunger Games haymitch Abernathy

Just because we don't get to see Haymitch's time in the arena, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Haymitch was truly one of the deadliest tributes to ever win the Hunger Games. First of all, he participated in the second Quarter Quell, which meant that the number of tributes he had to contend with was doubled. Secondly, he was able to take down two Career tributes during the first half of the Game. Thirdly, he used his intelligence and his knowledge of the arena's workings to defeat the final tribute left in the arena with him.

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