The Hunger Games Mutts Explained: All Variants & Origin

The Mutts (AKA Muttations) are hybrid creatures found in The Hunger Games saga - here's every Mutt variant featured in the franchise. Alongside X-Men: First Class, the original Hunger Games is one of the movies that made Jennifer Lawrence into a star. Lawrence plays protagonist Katniss Everdeen in the series, who becomes a symbol of rebellion after surviving the 74th Hunger Games, a televised game of death. The movies were based on the best-selling book series by author Suzanne Collins.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire found Katniss forced into a new game, but the final two installments focused on efforts to overthrow the Capital and the evil President Snow, played by Donald Sutherland (Ad Astra). The movies were hugely successful and kicked off a short-lived trend of YA adaptations, including The Maze Runner and Divergent. The last movie appeared to mark the end of Katniss' journey, though there's talk of a future prequel exploring the origins of the game itself.

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The Hungers Games did a great job of worldbuilding, with Panem feeling like a real place - even if the fashion was occasionally a little extreme. Animal hybrids dubbed Mutts existed in the world of Panem too, which were used by the Capital both in the games and occasionally as weapons against rebels. Here's every type of muttation seen in the movie series.

mockingjay hunger games


One of the first mutts was the jabberjay, a bird created to spy on the population of Panem. Jabberjay's are capable of recounting entire conversations, but once the spied upon realized how they were being used, the birds lost their usefulness. Before they died out they mated with female mockingbirds, creating the Mockingjay bird. The Mockingjay later became Katniss's symbol in the games and the rebellion itself.

Tracker Jackers

These nasty little creatures are wasps capable of vicious stings that can cause severe swelling, hallucinations, and death. They earned their nickname because they will track and kill anyone that disturbs their nest.

Wolf Mutts

The Wolf Mutts are a deadly threat in the original Hunger Games and are released by the Capital to make the game more exciting. In the book, they were designed to look like fallen tributes - right down to the human-like eyes - but the movie does away with this design, where they instead resemble hulking dogs with vicious claws and teeth.

Monkey Mutts

These baboon-like creatures are used in the 75th Hunger Games and attack the tributes on the beach. Their bites are lethal enough to cause internal bleeding, which leads to the death of a District 6 Morphling following the Monkey Mutts attack.

Lizard Mutts

Probably the most famous - and terrifying - breed is the Lizard Mutt. These creatures appear in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 and are sent into the sewers after Katniss and her squad. These eyeless mutts are a combination of human and reptile DNA and attack in unrelenting waves. They are responsible for the deaths of most of the squad, including Finnick. They also bear a slight resemblance to the creatures seen in director Francis Lawrence's own I Am Legend.

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