New Hunger Games 'Seals': Know Your District

poster for hunger games movie district 12

Lionsgate is really hoping that The Hunger Games can be for them what The Twilight Saga has been for Summit Entertainment - i.e., a highly $uccessful movie franchise molded off a bestselling series of young adult novels, which will inevitably open bigger doors for the small studio.

That said, the studio's marketing for The Hunger Games has been a carefully orchestrated campaign, primarily aimed at teasing fans of Suzanne Collins' novels with minute casting details, some teasing photos, and other fun promotional materials (see: the flaming Mockingjay motion poster).

Of course, there has been some criticism that the promo materials - and more specifically the underwhelming teaser trailer - for the film have not done the best job of luring those not already familiar with the world of the novels. That criticism is unlikely to end with these latest Hunger Games promo posters seals, which provide vague reference to the 12 districts of Panem, the dystopian future version of North America.

In fact, check out this Hunger Games synopsis to get yourself familiar with what it is we're talking about:

In a dystopian future America is now Panem, a nation made up of twelve impoverished districts, all ruled by a militant capitol where technology and excess are a way of life. Every year the capitol holds a televised battle royal, where one male and female teenager from the twelve districts must battle to the death for the pleasure of capitol. When a young hunter from District 12 named Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) sacrifices herself to save her little sister from the games, she embarks on a brave fight for survival that could change a nation.

The viral site for the Capitol launched a week or so ago, which leaves the twelve districts to be explored. In the books, each district had a primary industry that defined the life and identities of the people living in them. Katniss Everdeen's home, District 12, for example, was a mining town - and so the land (and people) were distinguished by coal, fire, soot, ash, etc. District 4 was defined by its maritime industry - and so water, swimming, turquoise colors, etc. defined that land and people.

This all matters because in the actual Hunger Games, a lot of the costumes worn by the contestants, and the skill sets they bring to the arena, are shaped and defined by their home district - in other words, their homes and upbringings define the advantages and weaknesses the have in the midst of the deadly battle royal.

Posters for each District are being accessed online via Facebook. Simply go to "" (the "#" = any district number you want to enter, 1-12). Once on the page, simply "like" the district of your choice, and once enough "likes" are gathered, a poster for that district appears.

[NOTE: Fans of the books, don't forget about the mysterious "District 13" ;-).]

We started a gallery of the posters already revealed, and will add to it as more are posted online:

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Fans of the books: What's your favorite District and why? For those unfamiliar with the books: Is any of this making sense to you?

The Hunger Games will be in theaters on March 23, 2012

Source: Lionsgate & Facebook

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