5 Facts About 'The Hunger Games' Movie for Those Who Haven't Read the Books

The Hunger Games Director Gary Ross

Director Gary Ross may not be a director whose name you're immediately familiar with, but the man has definite skills. The Hunger Games is only the third feature film he's directed, but the other two entries on that list are Pleasantville and Seabiscuit - both of which received multiple Oscar nominations and are loved by their respective fans.

Did we also mention that Ross is a screenwriter who has worked on the scripts for each of his films, including Hunger Games? Oh, and before directing his own work, Ross wrote scripts for little films like Big, Dave and Mr. Baseball. You may have heard of them.

That's all to say: The Hunger Games has been crafted by a man who very much knows how to make a film. And if early reports are any indication, Ross has taken the book and not only translated it to screen intact - he's improved upon it in some ways.

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