10 Movie/TV Characters We Want to Compete in 'The Hunger Games'

Punky Brewster Hunger Games

Age: 12

We know what you're thinking - this is a lamb led to slaughter. But don't let the freckles fool you: Punky Brewster has shown that her will to survive is not to be underestimated. After being abandoned by her father and left in a shopping mall by her mother, Punky didn't crumble; she merely found an apartment of her own.

The fact that she never lost her perky attitude proves that to her, survival is second nature. Drop Punky into the hellish oppression of Panem's poorer districts, and we think she could still beat the odds. If she somehow managed to sneak in her dog, Brandon, she could tip the odds in her favor.

Odds of Survival: Fair.

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