10 Movie/TV Characters We Want to Compete in 'The Hunger Games'

Hit Girl Hunger Games

Age: 13

This wouldn't even be fair. Trained to be a precision killer from an early age, Mindy McCready made the name 'Hit-Girl' one to be feared before she was even out of middle school. As (arguably) the star of Kick-Ass, Mindy showed that there is no weapon she can't wield with precision - and will do so given the slightest reason.

Kick-Ass 2 saw her tackle high school, meaning she is not only experienced in the social systems at play in adolescents, but brimming with anticipation for getting to turn her aggression on some of her peers. Forget volunteering - Hit-Girl would definitely make a career of the Hunger Games.

Odds of Survival: High.

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