The Hunger Games: The 10 Best Districts, Ranked

The country of Panem — home to the Capitol, twelve functioning districts, and the underground thirteenth one — is the stage on which the Hunger Games series is performed. With a new Hunger Games book and film on the way, we thought it was time for a review.

Every district comes with its own rich history, beloved victors, and primary export. And while they all provide the people of Panem with something valuable, they are not all equal.

Here’s a quick shout-out to our honorable-mentions including District 9 (Grain), District 10 (Livestock), and District 6 (Transportation). Also, shout-out to the Capitol for being so fancy and fascinating.

Here is how The Hunger Games’ districts stack up.

10 District 11 (Agriculture)

Rue - Hunger Games Facts

While District 11 is home to the ever-loved Rue, it also presents rough working conditions to its residents. As the district in which Panem's food is produced, it has strict Peacekeeper enforcement and is littered with an unusually high number of tracker jacker nests.

Pushing aside the struggles of living there, District 11 is completely necessary. How is the country to produce food longterm without its help?

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During the scene in which Katniss lays flowers on Rue, it is also shown that this district's people know how to bond together in the face of strife. The community here is real.

9 District 1 (Luxury)

Hunger Games District 1 Victors Cashmere & Gloss

The wealthiest district is the Capitol’s prized possession. District 1 is known for providing Panem’s elite with luxury items like jewelry. It also is home to the “Careers,” a group of tributes who desire to test out their strengths in the Hunger Games. They often start training illegally when they are young and believe the rewards that come from winning are worth the danger of the games.

Known tributes from District 1 include Marvel and Glimmer, who enter in the 74th Hunger Games and Cashmere and Gloss, who appear in the 75th and are killed by Johanna Mason and Katniss.

8 District 8 (Textiles)

Hunger Games District 8 Hospital

District 8 produces textiles, including the uniforms the Peacekeepers wear. It also happens to be one of the first districts to join the rebellion. In Mockingjay, Katniss visits the makeshift hospital located in District 8. They view her as a symbol and whole-heartedly support a revitalized Panem.

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District 8’s rebellion is led by the fearless Paylor. After Katniss assassinates Coin during, Paylor steps in to become Panem’s new president.

7 District 2 (Masonry And Defense)

District 2 creates weaponry, cuts stones, and acts as a training center for the Capitol’s Peacekeepers. Although not as rich as District 1, it provides its residents with high living standards compared to many of the districts below it.

District 2 also has its tributes volunteering for the games, perhaps even more so than District 1. During Katniss’ first Hunger Games, District 2's Cato and Clove compete against her. They’re fast, and they’re blood-thirsty.

The second district is the last to fall to the rebellion because of The Capitol’s grip on it.

6 District 5 (Power)

District 5 fuels Panem with electrical power. That’s why, when the rebels destroy the dams in Mockingjay, the power in the Capitol is briefly cut off.

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The sneakiest and most known tribute from this district is “Foxface,” as Katniss refers to her because of her slim features and red hair. Forxface survives the 74th Hunger Games for a long time until she ends up poisoning herself by eating berries known as nightlock. Her stealthy skills made her a promising contender.

5 District 3 (Technology)

Hunger Games District 3

District 3 fills the Capitol with all the latest electronics and technology. Those who live here are trained in engineering and science to produce such exports, ultimately giving them a stealthy advantage during the Hunger Games. Despite this, they tend not to win the yearly competition.

Beetee and Wiress come from this district. If you were wondering why Beetee was smart and ended up being so helpful during the rebellion, the answer is in front of you. It’s all built into his background.

4 District 7 (Lumber)

Hunger Games District 7

The Hunger Games' most badass leading lady, Johanna Mason, comes from District 7. As the producers of lumber and paper, this district's residents know how to use and axe do the dirty work.

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They're tough and they're diligent, hence the reason Johanna copes with her circumstances so well even after being kidnapped by the Capitol in Mockingjay. The mental and physical strength here are legit.

3 District 4 (Fishing)

District 4’s primary industry is fishing. Being that it’s on the coast, this comes as no surprise. It also happens to be home to many “decent-looking” people, and if Finnick is representative of them all, they are definitely aware of it.

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Finnick alone is reason enough to care about this portion of Panem. Despite his early cocky exterior, he cares deeply for those around him carrying Mags on his back through the 75th Hunger Games and later marrying Annie, the love of his life.

Forever, we will mourn his death.

2 District 12 (Coal)

While District 12 might not look like much on the outside, it is home to some of the most hardworking people in all of Panem. The coal business is not an easy one to be in, and a work-related accident ended up causing the demise of Katniss' father.

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We love District 12 for being the birthplace of perhaps the most determined tribute in Hunger Games history, the face of the rebellion, Katniss Everdeen. We'll also give it up for Haymitch and Peeta. While few can match Katniss' strength, these two still managed to survive the games, which is a feat in itself.

1 District 13 (Graphite Mining And Nuclear Weaponry)

Last but not least, the mysterious District 13 comes out on top. While the people of Panem believed it had been bombed and destroyed at the end of the Dark Days, it continued to exist underground. As the land of graphite mining, the home of nuclear weaponry, and the center of the rebellion, District 13 is not one to be messed with.

Of course, District 13's President Coin had an unnecessarily strong grip on its people — but Katniss made sure to take care of that.

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