The Hunger Games: 10 Scenes We Wished The Movies Had Shown

The Hunger Games movies were excellent, but Katniss Everdeen and her crew had some epic moments from the books that the movies totally missed.

Not all YA book adaptations do well translating from the page to the big screen, but The Hunger Games series is one that actually did well despite problems like shaky cam, lackluster male leads and some tweaking between the book to film. Many fans were dismayed to find their favorite lines and scenes didn't make the cut. It happens; if every scene were made into the movie, it would be several hours long.

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Still, we have to find fault for not including some key scenes that either added to the story or to the characters themselves. Fans were really looking forward to seeing these moments on screen.

10 Peeta's Prosthetic Leg And Severe Infection

His condition is so bad that he loses a leg in the process. This should have been adapted to the film not only to demonstrate the serious nature of his injuries and what it took to keep him alive, but to also give some much-needed representation of people with prosthetic limbs in a major motion picture.

9 Madge Undersee's Involvement

Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

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The fact that Made is cut overall is also a shame, since Katniss doesn't have many girlfriends and Madge was one of the few people she could occasionally talk to. Her life was another loss Katniss also had to endure.

8 Haymitch's Drunkenness

The Hunger Games haymitch Abernathy

Haymitch's Quarter Queel experience from the 50th Hunger Games were also cut from the movie. When Katniss and Peeta see the videos, they witness Haymitch pairing up with another tribute and then parting ways, a scene many fans had hoped to see. It also set the scene for Beetee's plan later in the 75th games.

7 Dance With Plutarch Heavensbee

Plutarch Heavensbee Mockingjay Part 2

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Heavensbee acts proud about his hint later, completely unaware that the connection wasn't immediately made for the teen. It's a great example of how much the adults of the book really expect out of her, which is one of author Suzanne Collins' best themes in her works critiquing war.

6 More Of Their Train Tour Scenes

This is also a time when the two really build on their relationship, which is largely missing from the movies. Although Katniss clearly ends up with Peeta, audiences are baffled as to why, as they had no chemistry and little romantic development. It's much heavier in the book, and it's done among nightmares, PTSD and teen emotions in a way that's more realistic and moving than many other dystopian novels.

5 Finnick In His Underwear

Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair

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Some other wonderful quotes were also cut, particularly lines between Katniss and Peeta that made their relationship much more believable. Katniss calls out Peeta's name when she realizes they can work together, clamping her hands over her mouth afterward, and Peeta's cute and clueless clomping around in the woods, which is a liability for her, isn't included, either.

4 Katniss Meets Refugees From District 8

Cutting the scene made sense for time but it was a nice first stepping stone toward proving the existence of District 13 as well as demonstrating the effect Katniss was already having in Panem.

3 District 11 Sending Katniss Bread

Rue - Hunger Games Facts

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While filmmakers opted to use the three-fingered salute instead, which likely saved some time, the bread means so much more because it didn't come from rich sponsors but people who had to make a sacrifice to send it to her out of gratitude. It was also an incredible act of rebellion, since people don't normally send aid to tributes outside their own district.

2 Fallen Tribute Mutts

Thresh in The Hunger Games

It's one of the scariest moments in the series, so when we see the mutts on screen without these creepy additions they just don't have the same affect as they did when they chilled us to the bone in the book.

1 Many Violent Scenes

Jacqueline Emerson as Foxface Hunger Games

One of the major complaints that people had were that none of the youth even appeared hungry, when in the books they are weary with dehydration and starvation--many before they even enter the arena while living in their own districts. We get not wanting to have emaciated teens, but some CGI would have helped make it much more realistic.

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