Hunger Games: 25 Behind-The Scenes-Photos That Change Everything

Hunger Games BTS Feature 2

While watching a big production film like any in The Hunger Games franchise, we often suspend disbelief and let ourselves get lost in the movie. It's necessary for fantastical stories such as this one, and when done right, makes for an incredible viewing experience. The entire franchise grossed almost $3 million worldwide, and with everything that went into the making, it was well deserved.

It's easy to forget just how much goes into the making of big scale movies. Thankfully we have plenty of behind the scenes looks into what exactly happened when the cameras weren't rolling - and sometimes even when they were. These pictures show us just what a production every single scene was. The extravagant set designs, the hours upon hours of hair, makeup, and costuming, and all the hard physical work of both the actors and crew members.

Besides that, we also get to see the real side of our favorite characters. Like Katniss ditching her signature confused and frightened look for Jennifer Lawrence's silliness, or Gale and Peeta actually getting along. If you were ever afraid of President Snow, all it takes is one behind the scenes look at Donald Sutherland standing on a podium surrounded by unimpressed crew members to quell that fear forever.

Here are 25 Behind-The Scenes-Photos That Change Everything!

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Hunger Games BTS JLaw Catching Fire
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Hunger Games BTS JLaw Catching Fire

It’s easy to forget how much goes into the making of a movie. From the multiple camera angles to all of the technical support in the background, it’s a lot to handle. On a set of a film as big as The Hunger Games, there are countless people in and out of the set all the time.

This picture gives us a look into what Jennifer Lawrence sees during those dramatic game scenes in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. On screen it may look to us like she’s alone in the woods just trying to survive, but that’s far from the case.

We already know that Lawrence is a great actor, but seeing her get into character with all of these people around staring at her is that much more impressive.

If the slightest thing goes wrong on set it can sometimes take hours to restage and get everything just right for the cameras again. The Hunger Games franchise is a huge production that took a lot of time, effort, and money to complete. It was clearly worth it. When all was said and done, the franchise raked in $2.9 million worldwide. This makes The Hunger Games the third-highest grossing franchise based on young-adult books, after Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga.


Hunger Games BTS Natalie Dormer

With all the advanced CGI and make-up work that goes into movies now a days, it can be difficult to tell what’s real and what’s fake. In the case of Natalie Dormer’s shaved head, that was all real. It’s not the most shocking transformation – many women have shaved their heads for a role – but Dormer is still a trooper for going all in for her character Cressida.

In fact, Dormer said she wanted the role so much that she would have shaved her entire head if they wanted her to! At the Mockingjay Part 1 premiere in London, Dormer said, “I didn’t have to in the end, I only needed to [shave] half but I would have done the whole thing [because] I wanted to be part of The Hunger Games so badly.”

Dormer admitted to being hesitant about the shave. Surprisingly, though, she ended up enjoying the challenge, saying, “When the razor came out – it was a little bit of a moment… it’s quite liberating, I would recommend it to women.”

While that may be her experience, we’re not sure everyone could pull off the half shaved head as beautifully as Dormer does. Cressida was an awesome character in the books, and fans were happy Dormer brought that same energy to the screen.


Both Elizabeth Banks and Effie Trinket are total powerhouse women who can do it all, but everyone needs to take a breather now and then. Imagine sitting in hair and makeup for hours, squeezing into tight heels and insane dresses, and then still having to shoot a movie! The energy it must have taken Banks to pull off Effie Trinket is no small feat. Banks pulled it off with such class, even in massive outfits like this.

Here, we see Banks taking a break and letting some weight off of her feet while talking to director Francis Lawrence.

Maybe they're discussing the next scene, or maybe Banks is just saying "must be nice to wear jeans and a jacket all day, Francis!" But knowing what a hard worker Banks is, we doubt she complained much if at all about being dressed up as Effie.

In fact, Banks wanted the role so badly she emailed then director Gary Ross about the part. She told ABC, "I just sent [Ross] a little email like, 'Just so you know, I'll totally play Effie, ha ha ha!'" We're glad she did because at this point we can't picture anyone else playing our favorite Capitol fashionista.


Katniss and Peeta BTS Hunger Games

One of the more disturbing moments in The Hunger Games films is in Mockingjay when Peeta is brainwashed or “hijacked” by the Capitol. After he is kidnapped, Peeta is made to believe that Katniss is the enemy. Ultimately the Capitol tries to use Peeta as a weapon against her to end the revolution. He is trained to destroy Katniss as soon as he sees her, and unfortunately Katniss learns this the hard way.

In one particularly dramatic scene, Peeta attacks Katniss while he is in a hospital room. It’s an incredibly scary and sad moment, because until this point Katniss and Peeta had always been there for each other, helping one another survive.

This is yet another example of what incredible actors The Hunger Games was blessed with. Just look at Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson laughing it up like best friends right in the midst of one of the most difficult scenes in the film. Most fans know perfectly well that Lawrence and Hutcherson are great friends, and this picture proves that is clearly the case.

In a movie filled with a lot of heavy material, it’s good to see the cast keeping the mood light and still having fun when the cameras aren’t rolling.


Hunger Games BTS District Tributes

Tributes can have fun too! In a movie that is mostly about “everyone for themselves,” we rarely see the tributes interacting in a positive way. In fact, they are usually trying to out-do one another in order to survive the games. As we see in this picture, though, the tributes are the best of friends.

In this picture we have Jack Quaid as Marvel (District 1 Tribute), Alexander Ludwig as Cato (District 2 Tribute), and Dayo Okeniyi as Thresh (District 11 Tribute), along with two other unnamed Tributes.

They all got to know each other well before shooting, especially since training for the roles was in order.

Ludwig, who played Cato, admitted that he did a lot of work to prepare. "I read the book and immediately fell in love with it. I just dedicated my summer to just physically and mentally getting into the role," he said. "It’s definitely tough, but it’s at least what I thought the character demanded, so I thought it was important."

What makes the Hunger Games franchise so great is that every character really put their all into the roles. All of the tributes had to train, even the ones we lost almost immediately in the movies.


Hunger Games BTS Catching Fire

Sam Claflin is definitely one of the best additions to The Hunger Games franchise when he appears in Catching Fire. Finnick a total hunk who is incredibly skilled and athletic, making him a great asset in the games. His relationship with Mags is also incredibly touching. That being said, even the most coolest among us need the help of movie magic to make everything look that much cooler.

Here we see a moment that, while probably looked great in the movies, kind of just looks like a mess. There's six people squeezed onto this half rock half platform formation, all just trying to get the perfect shot. While everything may not look as it does on screen, one thing is for sure - Claflin and the cast really did jump into that water.

A good part of Catching Fire was filmed in Hawaii - where this photo was taken - and even with Hawaii's tropical temperatures, the cast admitted to being miserable at times going in and out of the water so much. There's only so much time you can spend in the ocean in a wet suit before it becomes a pain. This is yet another example of what crazy lengths this dedicated cast and crew went to in order to do Suzanne Collin's books justice.


Hunger Games BTS Gale Peeta Friends

There's a lot going on in The Hunger Games movies, mostly revolving around Katniss leading a revolution against the oppressive rule of the Capitol. It's pretty dark material, but of course it wouldn't be a YA novel franchise without a love triangle. As if Katniss doesn't have enough on her plate, she also has to choose between her best friend and her partner, fellow District 12 members Gale and Peeta. Ultimately Gale (played by Liam Hemsworth) makes the decision easy for Katniss by having a part in Prim's untimely demise.

Here we see Gale and Peeta (played by Josh Huterson) actually talking and getting along! In the movie, they're not exactly enemies, but being in love with the same girl never helps a relationship. Both Peeta and Gale know that Katniss has love for both of them, and it makes for some serious tension on screen.

Sometimes on screen personas can carry over into the real world, but thankfully both Hemsworth and Hutcherson know how to separate work from play.

Just look at Hemsworth lovingly touch Hutcherson's shoulder. All is right in the world knowing that our two favorite Hunger Games men are actually the best of friends. They even shared a bottle of Scotch after the films wrapped!


Hunger Games BTS District 11 Rues Aunt

Is that Rue's Aunt along with other District 11 kids? And are they smiling? That's definitely not something we're used to seeing!

Kimberly Drummond, who played Rue's Aunt, shared this photo, along with others that she took behind the scenes. It's easy to forget that even the most minor characters end up spending days even weeks filming what looks to the audience like simple scenes.

While Drummond has a relatively minor role, it was definitely an important one. Rue is a huge part of the revolution and is one of the main reasons Katniss is motivated to stop the Capitol once and for all. While Drummond didn't have much screen time, when she did it was always incredibly dramatic and sad. She lost her 12 year old niece to the Capitol's entertainment, and her along with the rest of District 11 are mourning Rue's loss.

When Katniss and Peeta visit District 11 on their victory tour, we see yet another moment of solidarity from the citizens that makes Katniss realize what she has to do. It's good to see Drummond and the kids smiling and having fun on set - they really did a great job casting a family that looks just like Rue!


Hunger Games BTS Catching Fire (1)

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire had probably one of the coolest filming locations of the franchise - Hawaii. Though the water may have been cold and made for some long shooting days, the scenery is clearly worth it. To get the perfect shots, they filmed in not one, but five different locations. Filming took place in Waiehee & Heeia State Parks, Kawela Bay, Paradise Park, and Kawela Bay in Hawaii.

In a lot of interviews Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson talked about the fun they had while filming in Hawaii. From playing in the water to even peeing in it. Lawrence told Yahoo! Movies, "Anytime you have to pee you can just run right in the water. It was amazing, because the water was really warm, and Hawaii is great. I love working in the water."

It looks like the time in the water wasn't all bad!

Apparently, when Lawrence and Hutcherson weren't frolicking in the water, they were standing still, getting amazing shots like this. With all the action and suspense going on in the movies, it can be easy to miss the incredible scenery where it all takes place. Even with the natural beauty of Hawaii, it takes a lot of technical work to light and shoot a scene like this!


Hunger Games BTS Capitol Extras Makeup

A huge part of The Hunger Games looking as impressive as it does can be attributed to the film's incredible hair and makeup artists - in particular: the ones in charge of putting together all of the Capitol extras. As this picture shows, it was no small feat to get everyone camera ready. This isn't your average hair and makeup, this is Capitol level stuff!

Every extra in the Capitol looked flawless and unique.

Ve Neill is a three-time Academy Award-winning make-up artist, and she was the makeup head and designer for all four Hunger Games films. Of preparing the Capitol extras she said, "When we were creating the Capitol scenes, we had four hundred extras to get into makeup. It took my team of thirty people nine and a half hours to get the job done."

Imagine that: an entire day of makeup all to get the extras ready, and then there is still hours of filming to be done! The dedication of the actors and everyone behind the scenes of The Hunger Games really is incredible. All of the attention to detail paid off in the end, giving us a real feel for the outlandish fashion of the Capitol citizens.


Hunger Games BTS Cast

This picture is definitely a bittersweet moment for the cast and crew of The Hunger Games. This photo was taken of Woody Harrelson, Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Liam Hemsworth at the Mockingjay wrap party. The emotions of wrapping after spending years working on these films together is very clear here. All four of these main cast members have admitted to becoming best friends while filming.

Lawrence opened up to Diane Sawyer about the movies ending after five years of working with the same people. She said, “These movies had been my life for so long and they had to come first in everything, I was also in a relationship with somebody for five years and that was my life. So my life was this person and these movies and we broke up around the same time that I wrapped those movies.”

Lawrence wasn't the only one having trouble with it all coming to an end. Hutcherson admitted that they all really freaked out when the movies ended. It was difficult to see it all come to an end, but Hutcherson says when they hung out again after the movies were done they laughed at how dramatic they had been about it.


Hunger Games BTS Capitol Party

The production design for the Capitol has always been a hot topic. In this photo we see shots of the set before the Capitol party that Katniss and Peeta attend together with Effie. Any Capitol events are always lavish, colorful, and vibrant - a stark contrast to the rest of the districts and even the surrounding Capitol cities.

Production designer Phillip Messina explained how the Capitol events differ from the actual Capitol itself. The entire idea of the Capitol is that the members are rich, ignorant, and delusional when it comes to the world they live in. Messina thought it was important to incorporate the design of Soviet-era buildings. He admitted that the "architecture was evocative of dictatorial regimes,” and “It felt strong and monolithic, but also had a decorative element to it.”

There is an interesting balance between the decorative elements and the more stoic elements of the capital, but Messina and the other set designers hit all the different tones perfectly. In fact, with each movie you can see a drastic change in the color schemes and themes used to reflect the mood of the film. Set design was a huge part of the Hunger Games being a successful franchise.


Hunger Games BTS Jennifer Lawrence

There's a lot to be said about movie magic, and this behind the scenes photo proves just that. While everything looks incredibly real in the Hunger Games movies, a good chunk of the movie is thanks to green screen and CGI technology. Hawaii is an incredible location, but some things just need some technical touching up to be believable.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire involves a lot of outlandish obstacles during the games. While most of the scenes were filmed on location, for some of the more complicated scenes Lawrence had to use her imagination and work on sets like this. She should be used to it now, considering her role as Mystique. The X-Men films rely heavily on CGI and the actors must act on sets full of green and blue screens.

Lawrence, of course, is a great actress.

She makes us believe she is holding on for dear life even when she's clearly not.

If anything, these behind the scenes photos show us just how much physical work went into The Hunger Games not only on the part of Lawrence, but of the crew as well. Luckily for them, they get to be nice and warm in their winter jackets. Poor Jennifer!


Hunger Games BTS Johanna

Is that Johanna Mason being carefree and laughing? We never thought we would see the day!

Johanna Mason, played perfectly by Jena Malone, is one of the victors who is reaped again for the games during Catching Fire. Johanna is one of those characters that you never know what to expect from, and Mason hits it all spot on.

For the most part, Johanna is either angry off or suffering throughout the Hunger Games. She often gives Katniss the cold shoulder, at least at first, and we never really know what Johanna is thinking. Ultimately she redeems herself in the end, but she goes through a lot to get there.

Clearly Malone is not a method actor, because this picture shows us an entirely different side than what we see on screen.

Unlike Natalie Dormer, who played Cressida, Malone did not shave her head for her role. She was willing to do it, but the filmmakers told her it wasn't necessary, and also would be difficult since the movie wasn't being filmed chronologically.

Of how they shot the bald head, Malone told Jimmy Kimmel, "It was way more than a bald cap. It was like a CGI experiment. We had little dots and trackers [on the bald cap]. And I think there was a woman who also had a bald head that was brought in to kind of also film some of my sequences."


Hunger Games BTS JLaw With Nephew

One incredibly cute detail about the final Hunger Games film is that Jennifer Lawrence actually got her family involved in the final scene. At the end of the film we see Katniss and Peeta years after the rebellion. They are sitting peacefully in a field with their two children, one a young boy and the other a newborn.

Both of Katniss' sons were, in fact, Lawrence 's real nephews. The youngest, the one in Lawrence's arms, is her then 9-moth-old nephew Theo, while the older one playing with Josh Hutcherson is her nephew Bear. It's a small detail, but it really adds to the movies that Katniss and Peeta's children actually look like Katniss.

Director Francis Lawrence admitted that they did have back up babies at the ready. Getting the perfect shot with a 9-month-old is not an easy feat, so they covered all of their bases just in case. The director said, "what we really wanted to do is have a baby asleep, then we wanted the baby to startle awake as if it was having a nightmare, and be able to get shushed. So we timed the shooting with her and the baby to his naptime.”

Thankfully everything worked out and both of Lawrence's nephews made it into the film after all!


Hunger Games BTS Tributes

Even the tributes who were only on screen for a short time had to put in a lot of training hours to prepare for their roles. The tributes from the first few Districts who pride themselves in the Games had to work especially hard, since their characters had supposedly been training for years.

It's nice to see all the tributes here getting along, since it is exactly the opposite of what we're used to seeing.

Marvel, Glimmer, Clove, and Cato look nothing like the mean and intimidating tributes were so used to seeing in the film.

Alexander Ludwig, who plays Cato, spoke about how they all put a lot of effort into preparing for their roles. He specifically did a lot of strength training to make Cato as close to the books as he could. He said, " I wanted Cato to have as big of a physical presence as he did a mental one, in the movie. There was lots of fight training that we had to go through. I worked with an ex-Navy SEAL to bulk up. I did tons of hand-to-hand combat.”

Ludwig isn't the only one who trained hard. Isabelle Fuhrman who plays Clove did a lot of training along side Ludwig. "He used a sword and I used a knife, so when we were doing the training, it was kind of the same except for the different sizes,” Fuhrman recalls.


Hunger Games BTS Rue Prim

The stars have aligned and all is right in the world! Our two favorite little leading ladies together at last. Willow Shields who plays Primrose Everdeen - Katniss's little sister - and Amandla Stenberg who plays Rue - District 11 Tribute - may look all smiles here, but they are also two of the most ill-fated characters in the series.

Both characters are lost far too soon and too young, and both are incredibly important to Katniss. In fact, without either of them she never would have been in the Hunger Games or started a revolution. That being said, seeing them happy and, well, alive is a blessing.

Interestingly enough, the Hunger Games books describe Prim and Rue as looking similar. It's part of the reason Katniss takes Rue under her wing and gets so attached to her. And to be honest - we see the resemblance! Both have smiles that can melt your heart, and there is a soft innocence about both of their performances that sets them apart.

While their characters got the short end of the stick, we're glad to see Willow and Amandla spending quality time behind the scenes, and not getting reaped in the Hunger Games.


Hunger Games BTS JLaw Makeup

In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the tributes have to deal with their share of obstacles. One of those is the poison fog that immediately boils the skin on contact. Yes, it sounds as painful as it looks, but thankfully Jennifer Lawrence herself will never actually have to experience that sensation.

Thanks to some crafty makeup artists and special prosthetic makeup, the poison fog effect came to life.

Here Lawrence doesn't exactly look comfortable. It's definitely a long process when it comes to any sort of special makeup, and it looks like here she's getting some touch ups. For Lawrence, this is nothing compared to getting painted blue for her role as Mystique in X-Men, but patience is still a virtue in this case.

Director Francis Lawrence explained how keeping up on makeup wasn't even the hardest part of shooting the fog scenes. He told Vulture, "The fog sequence involved multiple locations and people racing through the forest. We had to figure out the timing and the geography of the fog itself: the speed of the fog, where the fog is coming from, how it catches up with them, and the timing of the scene where Mags stops and sacrifices herself by walking into the fog."


Hunger Games BTS Stanley Tucci Sam Claflin

There can be a lot of down time on sets as big as these, and here we get a rare moment of normalcy between Caesar Flickerman (played by Stanley Tucci) and Finnick Odair (played by Sam Claflin). While Caesar is usually the one grilling the tributes about the games and how they feel, Claflin seems to be the one asking the questions here.

While audiences see what appears to be a huge auditorium full of lights and people, the reality is quite different. During Caesar's interviews almost the entire room, save the stage, was covered in blue screen. Neither character looks quite so intimidating when they're not turning on the charm for the cameras. As you can see, even Caeser's seemingly perfect hair falls out of place now and then.

The movie magic of The Hunger Games is very obvious here. Everything is far less vibrant than the final cut, including Caesar's infamous purple hair.

After being on so many movie sets for so long, they must get used to it - but how are these camera guys not star struck? And that women is just touching Stanley Tucci's hair like it's nothing! Being crew on such a great movie series must a dream gig.


Hunger Games BTS Costume Designer

One of the most important parts of getting the feel of the Capitol right is getting the fashion right. Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket is a huge focal point for this, being one of the most fashionable and outlandishly dressed of them all.

With help of costume designer Trish Summerville, director Francis Lawrence's extravagant vision came true.

Summerville did not take her duties lightly, and made sure to plan and prepare long before the costumes were made. She made idea boards that incorporated colors and themes of the Capitol, all to make sure it was perfect. She admits that Banks was one of her favorite cast members and characters to work with.

Of designing costumes for Banks, Summerville told EW, ”I put [Banks] in these costumes, and she wouldn’t have hair or makeup or anything, but her body posture instantly changed. Her hands went up and her neck tilted to the side, and she was instantly Effie. For me, that lets me know when things are working, when a costume helps an actor transform to where they need to be for a character. I love my job.”

Since fashion is a defining feature of the Capitol versus the other districts, Francis Lawrence was lucky to get a designer that knew how to handle such high demands.


Hunger Games BTS President Snow

There's no denying it: President Snow is the most intimidating character in The Hunger Games. Though Donald Sutherland doesn't resemble Susanne Collins' original description of President Snow, he is now the only one we can picture in the role. Sutherland definitely put his own spin on the dictator, and brought a frightening quality to the character that only he could.

That being said, as scary as President Snow is, he's not so intimidating when a bunch of crew members are behind him distracted by their phones. The beauty of film sets is that there is so much going on at any given time. Someone could be making the monologue of their career, while at the same time someone is texting their assistant to bring more coffee.

Obviously, the crew members weren't trying to be disrespectful. In reality, everyone had probably been sitting around for a while at this point while the scene was being staged. A simple scene like this speech could take days to actually finish, so we'll forgive the less-than-enthused crew for paying no mind to Sutherland.

This goes to show what a dedicated and talented actor Sutherland is. If you can strike fear in people with this much going on around you, you deserve all the awards.


Hunger Games BTS Finnick

One of the more extravagant sets in Catching Fire involved the spinning cornucopia that was part of the 75th Hunger Games. Here we see Sam Claflin, who plays Finnick, resting with his trident on his shoulders. He stands in line with the other tributes who are all ready to take on the Cornucopia.

While much of Catching Fire was filmed in Hawaii, the spinning Cornucopia was such a massive undertaking that it had to be built completely separately.

As we can see, blue screens were used to piece together the scenery to match the rest of the film.

Director Francis Lawrence talked about what a process it is to film the games. “The Arena stuff is pretty tricky,” he explained, “just because [of] the sort of center of the Arena where the Cornucopia exists and the water and the spokes. The circular beach with the jungle around it doesn’t exist, so we have to sort of piece it all together.”

Even though they had to use blue screens and CGI to put it all together, the set itself is still incredibly impressive. If you ever find yourself wondering why it costs millions to make these films, here's your answer.


Hunger Games BTS Katniss Poppins (1)

It's no secret that Jennifer Lawrence knows how to separate work and play. As we can see here, there was likely never a dull moment on set with her. Even while filming the Mockingjay films which were all around total downers, Lawrence was able to turn it on and off in a heartbeat.

Thanks to some sneaky camera man with perfect timing, we now forever have this picture of Katniss Poppins. Liam Hemsworth looks amused, and everyone else around is just like, "yeah, this is normal." With as much down time as there is on a film set, you almost have to make your own fun and amusement.

This definitely isn't the first time Hemsworth has dealt with Lawrence's antics. On The Graham Norton Show he gave us some insight into what a day on set with her is like. He said of Lawrence, "She often, right before a take, would turn to me and ask me if I liked [being] with kangaroos -- anything along those lines. You never really know what's going to come out of her mouth."

Lawrence is infamous for joking around, then going deadpan as soon as she walks into a scene. Apparently that's the kind of talent that wins you an Oscar!


Hunger Games BTS Catching Fire 2

It wasn't all work and no play for the tributes. There were a lot of perks to filming the majority of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Hawaii. One of those perks was that, whenever there was down time, the cast and crew got to hang out on the beach! It's kind of like getting a paid vacation - although they had to work very hard for it and exist primarily in wet suits.

Here we see Sam Claflin, Josh Hutcherson, and Jennifer Lawrence taking a break. Director Francis Lawrence appears to be doing some sort of view finding, but the cast is used to having cameras in their faces. There are far worse places to relax between takes - imagine being Leonardo DiCaprio and crew filming The Revenant.

This is one of many pictures that shows us just why the cast and crew got so close.

Lawrence especially always talks about how her biggest takeaway from these movies is that she made life-long friends. It's easy to get to know people when you have hours of down time, and this cast had years of that together. Lawrence is also definitely a talker, and we imagine a lot of conversations looked something like this - Lawrence telling her crazy stories, and everyone else listening on.


Hunger Games BTS Panem Propoganda

This behind the scenes look at Cinna's fashionable Capitol prep team just makes us miss Cinna that much more! On the left we have Brooke Bundy, who plays Octavia, and Nelson Ascencio, who plays Flavius. Kimiko Gelman, not pictured, rounded out the prep team in the role of Venia.

In the Hunger Games novels Suzanne Collins describes Flavius as having orange locks and purple lips. Well, they definitely got the locks right! Yet another small attention to detail that makes The Hunger Games movies that much better. Octavia may not be dyed green, but we can forgive that.

This prep team is all about staying in character, even when someone is snapping behind the scenes photos of their duties. Jennifer Lawrence is being a good sport as usual, patiently standing there while they put on the finishing touches.

It's funny to see Lawrence in these scenarios too, knowing how similar she is to Katniss when it comes to being primped and made up. Lawrence has admitted that she has always been more of a tomboy than a fashionista, and often feels awkward in big gowns and tons of make up. That was one part of her character Lawrence didn't have to reach far for, because Katniss is the same way.


What's your favorite part of The Hunger Games movies? Let us know in the comments!

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