Hulu's Stephen King Series Castle Rock Adds Jane Levy & Sissy Spacek

Jane Levy and Sissy Spacek in Castle Rock

Jane Levy and Sissy Spacek are to venture into the world of horror again as it's announced that they're joining the cast of Castle Rock. The two experienced actresses have both worked with the supernatural stories in the past and should be at home with the creepy new series based on the works of Stephen King.

Castle Rock is the upcoming new project that has been developed in conjunction with the ever-prolific King and the just-as-busy J.J. Abrams. Described as "a psychological-horror series set in the Stephen King multiverse", the Hulu show will consist of 10-episodes and is a brand new story using elements of King's previous works in its plot. The fictional town of Castle Rock itself first appeared in King's 1979 novel The Dead Zone, and has appeared in many of his books and short stories ever since. It's been used as the central location in some of the author's most popular novels, including Needful Things and Cujo. In many other works, the town is just used as a neat reference point to remind us that most of King's stories happen in a shared universe. Apparently, the name is a reference to an equally fictional location in William Golding's Lord of the Flies.

With most of the plot of the show still something of an unknown quantity at the moment, Hulu announced that Levy and Spacek will be joining the cast of the series, alongside the previously announced Andre Holland. With Holland known to be playing a death row attorney named Henry, Spacek is said to be playing Ruth Deaver, his estranged adoptive mother and a retired professor whose memories may hold a key to Castle Rock’s strange events. Levy will play Jackie, a self-appointed historian of the town who has a morbid fascination with its dark past.

Castle Rock Teaser

Levy has had brushes with terror during her starring roles in Evil Dead and Don't Breathe, with her characters fighting back against otherworldly threats and clever foes. She has reportedly signed a one-year deal for Castle Rock (which suggests a run longer than 10 episodes), and has also been tapped to co-star opposite Glenn Close in the  supernatural zombie comedy Sea Oak. So after playing the lead in the ABC comedy series Suburgatory, Levy looks to be a regular fixture on TV for some time. Spacek of course has links directly with King, having played the title role in Brian De Palma's classic adaptation of the author's novel Carrie in 1976, and is just coming off a three-season run on the Netflix drama series Bloodline.

Both actresses seem to be a perfect fit to this new interpretation of King's fictional world, and we look forward to seeing how their roles fit into the show. The actual storyline for the series is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the project. Will the new story incorporate characters from past stories or re-examine events from (for example) The Dead Zone or Needful Things? With Levy playing an historian and Spacek playing a professor, it's safe to say they could be instrumental in unearthing previous events or using their knowledge to piece together King-written tragedies. And with Abrams producing, it could well capture the imagination of King fans and those new to this shared universe. We'll bring you more Castle Rock news as we get it.

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