Hulu Orders '90s Teen Drama Series From Seth Rogen & James Franco

Seth Rogen and James Franco in The Interview

Streaming giant Netflix has become known for its original content, with a massive number of successful TV shows in production and a range of feature-length films, comedy specials, and documentaries rounding out the service's offerings. But Netflix isn't the only streaming service to focus on creating its own shows. Hulu has also produced a number of series in recent years that may not have gained quite the same kind of attention as Netflix, but are still quite good. Since dropping its free service last year, Hulu has begun to kick it up a notch, so subscribers can expect plenty more original series from them soon.

Hulu is currently airing season 2 of Aaron Paul's The Path and the Robbie Coltrane-led National Treasure, and it has the highly anticipated adaptation of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale coming next month. But in keeping up with content demands, the service is teaming with two big names to help develop a new '90s-set teen drama from writer Kelly Oxford.

Seth Rogen and James Franco have been brought on board to develop the new series for Hulu, reports Variety. The comedy duo will be working on an hourlong series described by a source as "a teen show set in the 1990s". The show's script will be penned by Oxford, and will also involve Rogen's creative partner Evan Goldberg and Franco's producing partner Vince Jolivette. The series is untitled at present, and no release date has been set for the project.


This is far from the first time the two comedians have worked together. Franco and Rogen co-starred in the short-lived '90s teen show Freaks & Geeks (set in the '80s), and have worked on several projects since, including Pineapple Express, This Is The End, The Night Before and Sausage Party. Rogen is currently working with Goldberg on the comic book adaptation Preacher -- which is about to enter its second season -- while Franco and Jolivetti have recently been working on The Pretenders, Blood Surf, The Long Home, and many more projects together.

There is no news as yet about what the premise of this series will be, but we can presume that with these four producing, it may well have a similar blend of comedy and drama as the aforementioned Freaks & Geeks. With its period setting, it could well be the closest viewers will get to a reboot of the acclaimed, but short-lived series.

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Source: Variety 

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