The 10 Best Horror Movies On Hulu (2019)

Ready for a horror movie marathon? Hulu's got you covered. From psychological thrillers to creature features, they've got tons of scary films.

Emily Blunt in a Quiet Place

One of the best aspects of having a streaming service is having instant access to a collection of films in every genre possible. When you're getting ready for a late-night binge, one of your go-to genres may be horror, where you'll find a litany of titles to chill every bone in your body. Whether you prefer psychological thrillers, ghost stories, slasher films, or something involving a good old-fashioned movie monster, you'll find it.

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On Hulu, you'll find horror films from all different eras. You'll be able to discover something new that you might have missed in theaters, or an old favorite you want to revisit. Whether it's running from aliens in a post-apocalyptic world in A Quiet Place,  feral gangs in The Domestics, or your parents in Mom and Dadthis updated list of the 10 best horror films on Hulu will remind you why you love to get scared.


If your idea of horror is surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, look no further than The Domestics, a horror film that perfectly blends The Walking Dead and Mad Max in a wild race across the United States. Married couple Nina and Mark are trying to stay one step ahead of the hordes, fleeing from their home in search of safer pastures.

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As they avoid roving street gangs who won't think twice of  killing anyone they consider weak, the couple must rely on themselves and a few new friends to get enough food, find protective shelter, and keep their cache of weapons and ammo high.


Jennifer Lawrence Crying in Mother

In Darren Aronofsky's 2017 supernatural film mother!, you will go on a visually arresting experience that walks a thin line between horror and fantasy. It focuses on a married couple (whose names you never find out) leading a bucolic life in the country, where they spend their days writing, painting and renovating their Victorian mansion.

One day, a man appears and is made welcome in the house. Soon after, his wife and two children arrive. The lady of the house becomes increasingly concerned why  her husband insists on making everyone else feel more welcome than her in her own house, especially when very unusual things begin to happen.


Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place

As space was to Alien, so a post-apocalyptic world is to A Quiet Place, where no one can hear you scream. This surprising 2018 horror hit, directed by and starring The Office's John Krasinki along with Emily Blunt, is little on sound and big on scares.

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The Abbott family resides in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens, who are blind but have a hypertrophied sense of hearing, compete with them for resources. Of course, they are the aliens' resource if they ever detect their movements, so they must move about very...very quietly.


This cult classic horror thriller focuses on a series of homicides all centered around the seven deadly sins. Each murder is more disgusting than the last, so this film isn't for the squeamish. Two detectives are brought in to try to find the killer before they strike again.

Featuring an all-star cast including Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, and Kevin Spacey, this taut thriller is both an atmospheric horror film as well as a mystery. You'll be trying to solve the crimes right up until the explosive (and much quoted) finale.


The reboot of the franchise came out not long ago, reminding horror fans of what a popular commodity Chucky really is. While the reboot featured modern anachronisms and a somewhat updated version of Chucky, the original remains the most terrifying.

The film that launched a thousand sequelsChild's Play is all about a concerned mother who just wants to get her son the perfect toy. The "Buddi" doll is the most popular child's companion that just wants to be your friend! The  only downside is its idea of playtime involves butcher knives and meat cleavers.

5 CASE 39

An amalgamation of The Good Son and The Omen with a gender reversal, Case 39 focuses on a young social worker whose passion in life is separating children from abusive parents. When she witnesses a ten-year-old girl's parents try to harm her, she has to intervene.

With the social worker assumes custody of the girl until a foster family can be found, she begins to sense a dark presence surrounding her. Strange things keep happening and they all seemed to be linked to the child ⁠— what would you expect with a name like Lilith?


The Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow

Arguably one of the darkest films that Tim Burton's ever made, Sleepy Hollow features the more macabre elements of the filmmaker's signature touch than the whimsical. It's based on the short story by Washington Irving called "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" about a Headless Horseman terrorizing a small town in upstate New York.

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Constable Ichabod Crane travels from the Big Apple, away from a city preparing for the dawn of a new century, and into a backwater world of superstition. As the murders mount, he must feverishly work to solve the case, and find out how to end the curse or be the Horseman's next victim.


What if one day a series of strange static signals came through your television and radio and prompted your parents to kill you? That's the premise of Mom and Dad, starring Nicolas Cage (of course) and Selma Blair, two parents who fall victim to the uncontrollable urge to mutilate their offspring.

This horror film also has some unintended comedy interspersed throughout, especially given Cage at his manic best. When the parents of the parents show up, naturally all hell breaks loose (even more so than it already has), until its final inevitable conclusion.


Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island

A forgotten movie in Leonardo DiCaprio's varied filmography, and one of the first he made with director Martin Scorsese following Gangs of New York, this taut psychological thriller is a slow burn but well worth the wait. With great atmosphere and strong acting from the leads, it's a shame it doesn't get more recognition.

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DiCaprio plays U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels who together with his partner, (a pre-Avengers Mark Ruffalo) visit Shutter Island after hearing a patient escape from a locked room. The case proves to be more than what it appears, and so does Shutter Island.


hellraiser inferno pinhead

Like Child's Play, Hellraiser is the classic '80s horror hit that launched a thousand sequels, all spawning from the disturbing and graphic terror unleashed in the first film. It focuses on the Cotton family moving into an old house where a relative has disappeared, and things only get creepier from there.

As each member of the family come in contact with a strange puzzle box, they're compelled to solve its riddle. When they do, it opens a portal to all manner of angels, demons, and devils that want to drag their soul to a dimension where pain and pleasure perpetuate into all eternity.

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