How Hulu's Runaways Series Will Handle Alex's Comic Book Arc

Rhenzy Feliz as Alex Wilder in Marvel's Runaways

[This article contains mild SPOILERS for the Runaways comic book series from Marvel.]


Marvel's Runaways is a little more than halfway through its first season on Hulu, and Rhenzy Feliz, who plays Alex Wilder, is aware the expectations for his character's twist among readers of the comic series' first volume and what that might mean for his status as de factor leader of the group. So far, Alex has acted as a catalyst of sorts for the group of well-to-do teens in Los Angeles, who discover their parents aren't who they thought they were. It's a revelation that likely wouldn't have happened had Alex not attempted to reunite the group of high school students after a tragedy saw them head their separate ways.

As such, and because its still early goings for the would-be superheroes, it's safe to assume that Alex holds something of a leadership role in the group. That assumption is shared by Feliz, who feels as though, for the time being, Chase, Gert, Nico, and Molly all look to him to see what their next move should be, though he wouldn't rule out someone else stepping up and filling the same position as the series moves on.

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Feliz recently spoke about Runaways season 1 with Screen Rant, where part of the discussion centered on Alex's leadership skills and whether or not his character's comic book arc will have an impact on his television counterpart anytime soon. Speaking to Alex's position on the team and how the other characters see him, Feliz said:

Virginia Gardner Allegra Acosta Ariela Barer Lyrica Okano and Rhenzy Feliz in Runaways

"I like to think that he's a capable leader. Someone else, maybe as the season goes on, could do it. But a lot of the time the kids turn to Alex. They ask him for what the next play is. They ask 'What do we do?' They ask him for the last word. They understand that Alex is very smart and calculated and strategic and although he has a lot of emotions in him, it's about what's right and what's wrong for him. So right now he is sort of the leader of the group. Do I see someone else being able to take that? Possibly, yes. But for now I think they kind of turn to him and expect leadership from Alex."

As far as Alex's future on the team, and in the world that Runaways has been building for the past few weeks, Feliz remains coy. Though he assures comic readers that he knows what's coming and that he definitely did his research before filming started, it's not entirely a done deal as far as the series is concerned – at least from what Feliz knows, or is willing to say.

"I was aware of it before I ended up accepting the role. I did the comics research; I looked at Wikipedia. I looked into it and found out the twist at the end of the first volume. I saw what it was, but all of the scripts that I was receiving didn't necessarily lend themselves to that end. Of course, I still don't know, exactly. And I wouldn't be able to say, but I mean you've seen the first five episodes and there are moments where you might be able to see some subtleties, but it doesn't play into the larger season for Alex."

So far, Runaways has hewed fairly close to the first volume from Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, but it hasn't been a direct, word-for-word adaptation. Whether or not that means Hulu's new series is headed in a different direction from the source material remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure: Feliz isn't saying

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Marvel's Runaways continues next Tuesday with 'Refraction' on Hulu.

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