Hulu's The Path Canceled After 3 Seasons

After three seasons, Hulu has canceled its original streaming series The Path, a drama about a religious cult based in New York. Unfortunately, it wasn't too hard to see the end of The Path coming, as many fans had deemed it a goner well before today's announcement. While each season of The Path has earned some measure of critical acclaim, the general level of said acclaim has dropped with each passing year.

Additionally, another sign kind of gave The Path's cancellation away early. The Path was renewed for season 2 by Hulu on May 4, 2016, three weeks before the finale of season 1. The drama was renewed for season 3 on the same day that the season 2 finale aired. By contrast, season 3 of The Path wrapped up nearly a month ago, and not a peep was heard about the series' status until today. A deafening silence about whether a show will return or not that long after the season finishes is rarely an indication of good news to come.

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So, as Deadline reports, Hulu has canceled The Path after three seasons and 36 episodes. The news was quickly confirmed by star Aaron Paul, who posted the following message on Twitter. While Paul is clearly sad to see The Path's story conclude, he also clearly has nothing but love for those involved, and is thankful to Hulu for giving him the opportunity to portray complex lead character Eddie Lane.

The Path may now be over, but thanks to its status as a Hulu original, one assumes it'll be available to stream on the service in perpetuity. With that in mind, it's likely many more viewers will continue to discover the show as the years progress, and Hulu continues to further its foothold into the realm of original dramas. In that spirit, spoilers won't be included here, but wow did Eddie ever get put through some trials and tribulations along the way. Like many great TV characters, Eddie - along with co-leads Cal Roberts (Hugh Dancy) and Sarah Lane (Michelle Monaghan) - ends the series in a completely different emotional and spiritual place than where he started it.

While Hulu hasn't been nearly as forgiving as Netflix when it comes to shows failing to quickly catch on, they are at least to be commended for giving The Path a solid three-season run. That's a lot more than most shows get. The service will soon turn its attention to season 2 of Emmy-winning drama The Handmaid's Tale, which premieres tomorrow, April 25. Stephen King series Castle Rock is also set to debut sometime this summer.

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Source: Deadline

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