Hulu Passes on Locke & Key Comic Book TV Show Pilot

Locke and Key

The long-awaited live-action TV adaptation of horror comic book series Locke and Key on Hulu is officially dead in the water. In a recent interview, actress Samantha Mathis mentioned that she shot a pilot for the series, but then admitted that the streaming subscription service decided not to pick it up.

Locke and Key was the brainchild of Joe Hill (Stephen King's son) and artist Gabriel Rodríguez. The graphic novel horror series followed the lives of three siblings who return to their family home after the death of their father. They discover that the house is full of mysterious secrets, as well as keys that unlock doors that lead to the supernatural. Hulu greenlit the pilot in 2017, and followed that news throughout the year with casting announcements that included Mathis, Owen Teague, Danny Glover, Jackson Robert Scott and Nate Corddry. Lost writer and long-time J.J. Abrams collaborator Carlton Cuse adapted the story for the pilot, with Andy Muschietti (Mama, IT) directing.

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Although the project seemed promising, Mathis confirmed in an interview with Culture Vultures that the Locke and Key series pilot did not get picked up by the streaming service, saying simply "I did a pilot for Hulu called Locke and Key but it didn’t get picked up by Hulu." Mathis did state, however, that producers are still shopping the pilot to other potential services, including Apple, Amazon, and Netflix.

Locke and Key already has a sordid adaptation history. Dimension Films originally purchased the rights for a movie, but lost those rights to DreamWorks in 2010: that studio had plans to create a television series produced by Stephen Spielberg. Eventually, the project ended up at 20th Century Fox television: that studio shot a pilot that starred Sarah Bolger, Nick Stahl, Jesse McCartney and Ksenia Solo. The pilot screened at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con with mostly positive reactions from the audience. Because of the rising costs of the production, though, Fox decided not to pick the show up. Hulu ordered a pilot in 2017 with the intent of Carlton Cuse directing, although Muschietti replaced him later in the year.

As of last year, Hulu seemed dedicated to the project, with casting announcements arriving regularly after its commitment to creating a pilot. A live-action adaptation of Locke and Key finally seemed like a sure thing, but now it appears as though it might not happen at all (again), at least not on Hulu. Here's hoping that Hulu's loss, though, is the gain of another subscription service.

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We will bring you more Locke and Key related news as it becomes available.

Source: Culture Vultures

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