Hulu Vs Netflix: 5 Shows From Each That Might Help You Make Your Decision

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Streaming services are the first stop for entertainment these days. Hulu and Netflix are two major players in the streaming industry. If you’re considering signing up for either you’re probably wondering which has content better suited to your tastes. Both services have a lot to offer. You can find TV series, movies, and specials on whichever you choose. If you’re struggling to pick sides we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up the 5 best shows on each site to help you decide which is for you. You may decide you can’t live without both.

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10. The Venture Bros (Hulu)

The Venture Bros is often compared to a grownup version of Johnny Quest. This hit show earned a cult following when it originally aired on Cartoon Network’s AdultSwim. This clinical comedy is great for anyone who can’t get enough stories about unmet potential. Dr. Rusty Venture is the star. He was headed for greatness as a child but grew to be a bitter and disappointed middle-aged father. He struggles to keep his unorthodox family together while facing his inner demons. This quirky cartoon is a playful and dark nod to 60s adventure shows. If you’re looking for a comedy that isn’t necessarily a feel-good option, this is it.

9. The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

Elizabeth Moss in The Handmaids Tale Season 2

If you prefer dark and suspenseful stories The Handmaid's Tale is a great choice. This heart-stopping show is based on a powerful novel by Margaret Atwood. Lauded as one of the most important pieces of feminist writing, the novel tells the story of a dystopian future. The story is set in the fictional kingdom of Gilead which was once part of the United States. An ultra-conservative religious group has taken over the government following a plague of infertility. Women have been stripped of most rights. The few who remain able to produce children are treated as breeding stock.

8. It’s Always Sunny In Philidelphia (Netflix)

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia follows the misguided adventures of a gang of dysfunctional friends. The show centers around the struggles the gang runs into while operating a run down dive bar in Philidelphia. The group is always scheming. From hairbrained plots to earn extra money to the tragic comedies of their love lives there’s never a dull moment around Paddy’s Pub. This show is a gritty comedy with a lot of very adult themes. It’s not going to win any award for family-friendly shows. That doesn’t stop fans from rewatching every episode over and over again.

7. The Last Man On Earth (Netflix)

Will Forte in The Last Man on Earth Season 2 Episode 18

The Last Man On Earth is a playful romp through the end of the world. You may not think there’s anything funny about the end of the world but this show is here to prove you wrong. Will Forte stars as Phill Miller. The show chronicles Phil’s adventures as he struggles to survive after a virus has wiped out society. Dark humor abounds in this surprising sitcom. Phil eventually finds company in fellow survivor Carol. As you may suspect, the two are not an instant match. Their struggle to get along as they face survival alone is as hilarious as it is awkward.

6. Adventure Time (Hulu)

Adventure Time is the perfect choice for households with both adults and kids. The show has a huge fan base that spans all ages. It’s full of sly humor for the adults but is also safe for the younger set. Adventure Time follows dynamic duo, Jake and Finn. Finn is a curious and good-hearted boy in a bizarre hooded outfit. His best friend is a snarky shape-shifting dog. If that description alone isn’t enough to pique your interest, it gets weirder. The show plays to everyone's inner sense of imagination and adventure. It’s whimsical and lighthearted fun.

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5. The Haunting Of Hill House (Netflix)

The Haunting Of Hill House is a disturbing horror that centers around deep family traumas. The story follows the adult children of Hugh and Olivia Crain as they cope with the alleged suicide of their mother and the infamous reputation of their family mansion. Each character is plagued by their own personal demons as well as the supernatural forces in their former family home. The stories are dark and thrilling. Tension is expertly built in each episode. Horror lovers everywhere can’t stop singing the show’s praises. They keep coming back for more each time the show scares them out of their skin.

4. The Good Place (Netflix)

Good Place Hell

Kristen Bell stars in this kitschy comedy about damnation and redemption. Bell plays recently deceased Elenor. In life Elenor was selfish, course and generally unpleasant. Due to a clerical error, she finds her self in The Good Place after her death. The Good Place is an idyllic afterlife suburb reserved for those who were kind and decent in life. Elenor simply doesn’t belong but she mustn’t let anyone know. In order to keep her secret, she must learn to act like a genuinely nice person. This show is surprisingly light-hearted considering its dark premise. Ted Danson costars as the mysterious and powerful architect who designed the peaceful setting.

3. Breaking Bad (Netflix)

Breaking Bad tackles the biggest issue facing our country’s health care system today. The show is about High School Chemistry teacher Walter White. White is crushed when he’s diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer. He knows his family can’t afford the impossible amount of medical bills his treatment will wrack up. Desperate to leave his family financially stable White takes up a life of crime. He uses his expertise in chemistry to begin manufacturing crystal meth. This a dark drama about the lengths desperate people will go to when their families are at risk.

2. She’s Gotta Have It (Netflix)

She’s Gotta Have It is a 10 episode reimagining of Spike Lee’s first directorial release. The change in format allows the story to explore its main character (artist Nola Darling) in ways the film simply couldn't. Nola is a brilliant and vibrant character. She lives her life by her own rules. She’s a polyamorous woman with three main partners. Each relationship presents its own challenges, triumphs, and quirks. The movie was heavily focused on the romantic and sexual relationships Nola experienced. The show delves deeper into her work and personal life allowing the audience to get to know her like never before.

1. Arrested Development (Hulu)

This quirky comedy was a groundbreaking series. It reinvented the awkward family sitcom. If you love being mildly uncomfortable while you laugh uncontrollably, this show is perfect for you. Arrested Development follows the exploits of the Bluth family. Jason Bateman stars as the level-headed Michael. He's surrounded by his wildly unstable and colorful family played by some top-tier stars. Jeffery Tambor, Jessica Walter, and David Cross all lend their talents to the powerhouse cast. Fans of shows like Parks & Recreation or Community will feel right at home with its unique comedy style.

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