Light As A Feather Season 2 Premiere Date Set At Hulu

Light as a Feather Season 2 premiere date revealed

The premiere date for season 2 of the supernatural teen drama Light as a Feather has been announced. The series was adapted by Hulu from the novel of the same name first published on Wattpad, an online community where people upload their literary creations and comment on other people’s work. It had racked up close to 3 million reads when the series was first commissioned, with thousands of comments adorning its chapters. Thanks to the increased popularity since the Hulu series’ airing, it now has over four million.

Light as a Feather first aired on streaming service, Hulu in October 2018, following high schooler, McKenna as she and her friends are stalked by a supernatural curse. After her clique of popular girls accept newcomer Violet, they play a round of the titular levitation game in a graveyard. Violet adds a morbid twist by making up gruesome tales of how each girl being lifted up will die. Soon afterwards, the girls begin to get killed in those same way Violet’s stories predicted, and the survivors begin to suspect that Violet is somehow responsible for the deaths.

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Per Deadline, Light as a Feather will return on July 26. Little of the plot of season 2 has been detailed, but it has been stated that it will involve McKenna becoming plagued by the “time bomb”, with the curse of the game trying to force her to play another round. When she rejects the coercion to avoid putting anyone else in danger, the curse begins to devour her body from within, forcing her to seek out the help of Violet - the last person she wants to see. You can watch a brief, creepy trailer with the announcement below.

Although the series wasn’t a big hit with critics, it was a beloved by the audiences who caught it, with the viewership heavily skewing towards the large and potentially lucrative teen/YA demographic. It featured fairly standard fare of pretty girls in supernatural peril, but also dealt with more grounded issues that some of its young viewers will doubtless have had to deal with, such as jealousy, divorce, addiction, abuse, and the emotional fallout from the sudden deaths of friends and family.

Although Light as a Feather’s home streaming network, Hulu isn’t the largest provider of original content, it’s certainly catching up with a growing library that includes the likes of dystopian drama The Handmaid’s Tale, horror Castle Rock, farcical sci-fi comedy Future Man, comic book adaptation Runaways, feminist comedy Shrill and an upcoming limited series of classic satirical war novel Catch-22. With the continuation of Light as a Feather, another small step has been taken towards the ubiquity of internet TV completely consuming viewing culture.

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Source: Deadline

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