Hulu to Premiere Kevin Smith's 'Spoilers' & Richard Linklater's 'Up to Speed'

Apparently following in the footsteps of Netflix, the online streaming service Hulu is scheduled to release a variety of original and exclusive programming available only through the site, as well as the Hulu Plus subscription service. The plethora of new shows run the gamut from reality to sci-fi, and include two particularly promising upcoming premieres: Spoilers, a discussion forum focusing on new films, hosted by director Kevin Smith (Red State), and Up To Speed, a travel series created by director Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused).

Smith, long a contender for the unofficial title of "ultimate fanboy," has spent his career championing all things pop-culture. In recent years, the filmmaker has parlayed his status as a comic book and cinema aficionado into a popular podcasting venture. It's no surprise, then, that he's been handed the reigns for Spoilers, a series that Deadline reports will feature little of the incisive criticism found in more traditional movie review shows. Rather, through celebrity interviews, group discussions, and even animation, the series will seek to provide a venue for like-minded film geeks to lovingly deconstruct the year's most popular cinematic achievements.

In a seemingly radical departure from his previous work, Richard Linklater is joining forces with popular New York City bus tour guide Timothy “Speed” Levitch - who was previously the subject of the 1998 documentary The Cruise - for the offbeat Up To Speed travel series. The show will focus on Levitch's journeys to various obscure, quirky locations throughout the U. S. According to Deadline, Levitch, who has made brief appearances in the Linklater films Waking Life and School of Rock, is held in high esteem by the filmmaker for his apparent wit and intellect. Linklater believes Hulu's audience will therefore connect with the host in a meaningful way.

In addition to the two aforementioned shows, Hulu will be debuting the original series We Got Next, a "guy comedy" a la It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League. The website will also offer exclusive access to several foreign programs previously unaired in the U. S., including Derren Brown: Inside Your Mind, spotlighting the eponymous award-winning U. K. magician, as well as the enormously acclaimed culture-clash comedy Little Mosque. The sci-fi drama The Booth at the End returns to Hulu for a second season.

Spoilers premieres on June 4th, and Up To Speed debuts this August.

Source: Deadline

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