HuIu’s Hard Sun Trailer: The Creator Of Luther Delivers The World's End

The first trailer for Hulu’s upcoming series Hard Sun delivers a sci-fi paranoid thriller about the end of days. The series hails from Luther creator Neil Cross and stars Jim Sturgess and Agyness Deyn as a pair of detectives who unwittingly stumble on evidence that the Earth will face an extinction level event in five years time, and the two soon find that the powers that be will do anything to keep that information from getting out to the public.

The six-part season has already aired in the U.K. with Cross saying he has a five-season plan for the show, and with Hulu bringing it over to the States next month the future for Hard Sun is looking pretty bright at the moment. And while the thought of five seasons worth of build-up to The End might seem a little bleak, it’s a good bet that Cross has something a little more enticing than that up his sleeve. After all, he is the guy behind the Idris Elba-starring Luther, which didn’t shy away from a dreary tone and is amazingly still going strong after having ostensibly ended in 2015.

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Tonal issues aside, Hard Sun brings a lot to the table with its cast that includes Sturgess, who was likely last seen by most American audiences confronting another end-of-the-world scenario in Geostorm and before that in AMC’s short-lived Feed the Beast, opposite David Schwimmer. Deyn, for her part, made a splash in Terence Davies’ lyrical Sunset Song in 2015, as well as a blink-and-you’ll-miss-her shot in the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar! And if you aren’t convinced that Sturgess and Deyn will be enough to have you checking Hard Sun out when it drops on Hulu in early March, perhaps the trailer will entice you to think otherwise.

Hard Sun Poster Hulu

To its credit, the preview certainly knows its target audience. It also doesn’t beat around the bush with regard to what the series is about. There’re no secrets from the audience as far as what Hard Sun is, or what it means. By laying it all out there, the series brings in an added degree of difficulty, in that it’s told the audience the end at the same time it sets up the basic premise. Keeping a story like that going for six episodes is no easy task, so the thought that there could be as many as thirty is an intriguing proposition, if only to see whether or not Cross can pull it off.

At any rate, the trailer certainly feels at ease with the gloom and doom of it all, as it doesn’t shy away from depictions of murder and torture all set to David Bowie’s ‘Five Years’. So if you’re in the market for a series about the end of the world, Hulu is the place to be come March.

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