The Handmaid's Tale Trailer - Offred Intends To Survive

The Handmaids Tale - Elizabeth Moss as Offred

Like most streaming video services, Hulu recently ramped up their production of original programming. Having to compete with obvious rivals like Netflix and Amazon, the need for fresh high-quality content is essential now more than ever. Luckily, Hulu looks to be heading in the right direction. They already have a number of acclaimed television shows to their name - with The Path and Stephen King's 11.22.63 as two major standouts. But Hulu is not taking any down time, as they are now prepping for their new upcoming series, The Handmaid's Tale.

Even though The Handmaid's Tale April premiere date is quickly drawing closer, it wasn't until a few weeks ago that the series' first marketing appeared. Hulu released a few enticing photos featuring stars Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men) and Joseph Fiennes (Risen) -- and the series' haunting setting. Those first looks were surely enough to get subscribers excited for the dark, yet socially relevant, style of The Handmaid's Tale. Now we can take an even deeper peek into what lies in store for us.

Hulu has released the first trailer for The Handmaid's Tale. While the footage doesn't give too much away, it still shows the mysterious disaster that leads the world into a state largely resembling the Colonial Era. The footage looks incredible, so hopefully Hulu subscribers are in for yet another gripping original series. Take a look above.

The Handmaids Tale - Elizabeth Moss as Offred

For those unfamiliar with The Handmaid's Tale, the series is based off of the novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. Set in the Republic of Gilead, the story follows Offred (Moss), who is forced to become a handmaid under the under the rule of a man simply known as The Commander (Fiennes). This once primitive type of relationship has now become a routine occurrence in their dystopian society -- where women are greatly oppressed by their male counterparts. The Handmaid's Tale looks to be exploring the dark sides of social class, gender equality, politics, and more. The trailer hinted at a lot of those themes, all the while showcasing the series' beautiful design and cinematography.

After seeing the new trailer, anticipation for The Handmaid's Tale will probably only continue to grow. The series' superb cast combined with its complex ideas should make for a challenging, yet rewarding, experience for viewers. It will also mark Moss' return to television, after having previously starred in hit shows like Top of the Lake and the aforementioned Mad Men. And thankfully, the actress looks to have struck gold once again with The Handmaid's Tale. While there is plenty of good original programming coming in the next few months, The Handmaid's Tale is one you really need to keep an eye on.

The Handmaid's Tale hits Hulu on April 27, 2016.

Source: Hulu

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