The Best Christmas Movies On Hulu

Hulu has a lot of great Christmas movies, but it can be time-consuming to sift through them all. Originally, there were only ABC specials and the Hallmark Channel movies; now there are plenty of ways to watch all of the movies the holiday season has to offer. The best part is, with so many different options, there's something for everyone.

Netflix started making their own Christmas movies, while Hulu has focused on providing users with a variety of different genres, including holiday TV specials and holiday-themed thrillers. They also have many of the ABC Family (now Freeform) movies from the early 2000s.

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Christmas movies are enjoyable because of their predictability; there's always a happy ending. The main characters realize that love was right in front of them all along and the kids learn the true meaning of the season. They are the kind of movies that allow audiences to escape for a little while and believe in the possibility of magic that always comes with this time of year. And here are the best Christmas movies available to stream on Hulu.

Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

Miracle on 34th Street Hulu Christmas movies

Miracle on 34th Street has been adapted a number of times for both stage and screen, and it's easy to see why. The film tells a touching story about a young girl and her mother learning to believe again. While the original 1947 film is a classic, this remake succeeds due to the cast, lead by the late Richard Attenborough. He plays Kris Kringle with such a joyful spirit and a twinkle in his eye that it's hard to believe he's not the real thing. Mara Wilson is the perfect skeptical, but precocious child - traits which would go on to make her a wonderful Matilda. Miracle on 34th Street is just one of those movies families tend to watch every year, without it ever getting old.



When two people reach for the same pair of gloves while Christmas shopping, it seems to be fate. But Jonathan (John Cusack) and Sara (Kate Beckinsale) are both already in relationships. This doesn't stop their mutual attraction or desire to tempt fate. Sara writes her phone number on the inside of a book she plans to sell and Jonathan on a $5 bill with the idea that, if they find the items again, then they are meant to be together. Serendipity isn't just a Christmas movie either, it's the perfect movie to watch all winter (or year) long, with its ice skating and snow-drenched scenes.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas Hulu Christmas movies

Happy Christmas is not a typical "Christmas movie." It's not a romantic comedy, and it's certainly not trying to sell viewers on the magic of the season. Instead, it's a real look at a directionless 20-something named Jenny (Anna Kendrick) and what happens when she moves in with her brother, Jeff (director Joe Swanberg), his wife (Melanie Lynskey), and their 2-year-old son (played by Swanberg's actual son, Jude). Swanberg's films are loosely scripted, making audiences feel like they're watching home movies rather than a Hollywood film. The characters are messy, and they deal with relatable problems, such as growing up and balancing motherhood, as well as the pursuit of creative endeavors. If people are looking for something a little different this holiday season, then Happy Christmas is it.

It's Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown

It’s Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown Hulu Christmas movies

Charlie Brown is a character for all seasons. So while this isn't quite the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas, the special It's Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown still a good way to get in the holiday spirit. It features a number of storylines taken directly from the Peanuts comics including, Charlie Brown selling wreaths and Snoopy dressing as Santa. Holiday specials like this are a great way to get younger kids into slightly older cartoons, and to make adults feel like children again.

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