Hulu Could Save Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 After FOX Cancellation

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There may be hope for Brooklyn Nine-Nine after all. FOX made the shocking decision to suddenly cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a decision that caused an almost immediate outpouring of shock and hatred on social media.

The audience for Brooklyn Nine-Nine clearly exists. That's why buzz is already circulating that the comedy might get picked up for another season. This isn't just idle chatter that follows the cancellation of nearly every beloved show in recent memory. There's a very real chance that there could be more Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the near future.

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Deadline reports that talks are already underway for other outlets to pick up Brooklyn Nine-Nine for season 6. This in direct response to the huge fan response to the series' cancellation. The fans have made their voices heard about Brooklyn Nine-Nine and someone might be listening. No direct outlet is being targeted at the moment, but the most likely home for season 6 is Hulu.

Hulu has almost always been the streaming home for Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the United States, as it is for several FOX shows. So, if the show did join Hulu's library, the entire series would be available along with whatever new episodes are produced. The deal would be very similar to the deal Hulu made for The Mindy ProjectThe Mindy Project was cancelled by Fox after three seasons on a bit of a cliffhanger. Hulu eventually picked up the series after cancellation and even gave it an additional three seasons to flesh out its story. That set a precedent for Brooklyn Nine-Nine to follow suit.

Of course, there's no telling if Brooklyn Nine-Nine would find the same level of success as The Mindy Project. If Hulu picked the series up for at least one more season, that would hugely benefit the streaming service, who's looking for various ways as well as new content to compete with streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, if Hulu doesn't step up, there's always another option.

TBS could pick up Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The move to TBS wouldn't be as seamless as the one to Hulu, but there's a reason to think it could land up there. TBS recently picked up the off-network rights to the comedy, allowing them to show old episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. TBS is as much a home for Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Hulu. Furthermore, TBS is now overseen by former FOX chief Kevin Reilly, who was instrumental in developing Brooklyn Nine-Nine during its first season.

When a show like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which has so much devotion from fans, is cancelled, there's always talk of it finding a new home. Most of the time its just idle and wishful thinking. In this case, though, fans should have some (cautious) optimism that they haven't seen the last of Det. Jake Peralta and crew.

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Source: Deadline

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