The Hulk's Return Is Only A Matter Of Time

Edward Norton sure knows how to keep fans guessing and anticipating. Now he's saying his involvement in The Avengers just boils down to scheduling...

Ever since Mr. Norton played the part of Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk,  a film that featured and marketed a cameo by Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, fans have been eagerly anticipating the moment when they will share screen time together as part of The Avengers team.

Rumors surfaced at the beginning of August that both Norton's Bruce Banner and his large green counterpart, Hulk, would appear in a cameo role in Iron Man 2, repaying the favor for RDJ doing the same in his solo affair.

This was all confusing because of the conflicting reports on Norton's future with Marvel Studios President of Production, Kevin Feige, not giving direct answers on the topic and Norton's back and forth between being seemingly disinterested and interested in playing the role again.

On that note, two weeks ago Norton was asked at the Toronto International Film Festival about the truth to the rumors and his response confirmed that there's nothing to them, Hulk-smashing the Iron Man 2 rumors. That's assuming he's not misleading fans which may not be too hard to believe, looking back at some things that have been said before by those involved with the first Iron Man.

“I heard that. I don’t know where that’s coming from… I am not in ‘Iron Man 2′ to my knowledge.”

Then, keeping on track with his flip-flopping, Norton seemed all positive and interested again about the Hulk's future, revealing his thoughts on the idea of Hulk playing a villain in The Avengers, or at least some source of conflict as we've seen from the history of Marvel Universe in the comics.

“In the comics, there was always a tension between the rest of the superhero community and he was always this problem… They treated him as this problem”

“I think that’s a fun way to go with it”

It was partially hope-inspiring for those wanting to see Norton reprise the role of Banner to hear him say that. He wasn't shying away from the topic or shooting down the question. Although, we had still yet to have any official word on Norton's future one way or another with his future in the franchise and the deserved role in The Avengers.

Anyway, back on topic - from that interview MTV conducted with Norton where they discussed the Hulk-villain idea, they just put up an interview segment where they directly asked him whether he'll be playing Bruce Banner when The Avengers movie or Iron Man 2 come out.

"It's purely a function of time... It's always about just working things out on the schedule."

"I get very busy. You have to deal with the demands of your moment... I tend to keep my head in the thing I'm doing and I don't speculate or worry too much about what two or three blocks down the thing is going to be. I know all these things will reveal themselves and work themselves out."

Here we go again...

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