Thor: Ragnarok's KORG Returns To Battle The Hulkverine

After becoming a fan favorite in Thor: Ragnarok, the stone warrior Korg makes a glorious return to Marvel Comics - and runs straight into The Hulkverine.

While he's still been keeping busy in unseen corners of the Marvel Universe, Korg has been away from the spotlight for some time. All that is about to change thanks to his co-creator Greg Pak, who is bringing him back into the fight with Weapon H #8. He may have been introduced as part of the Planet Hulk storyline, but even Korg won't be ready for the might of Hulk mixed with the ferocity of the Wolverine.

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The premise of Korg's return may cause some fans to worry that only one of the two combatants will be walking away from the fight - and it's the Hulkverine whose name graces the cover of the comic itself. Fortunately, the plot synopsis for the coming issues suggests that, just like Captain America fighting as Hulkverine's ally, these two brawlers will soon set aside brawling for bonding.

The most stunning twist seems to be the events that actually bring Korg and Clay (the man better known to the world as Weapon H) together, as explained in the issue's synopsis. Prepare yourselves, Marvel fans, for the return... of Weirdworld:

WEIRDWORLD AWAITS! Roxxon built a portal to harness the unlimited energy in this magical realm. But in the process they unleashed a horde of monsters — and they’ve set their sights on Earth’s unlimited supply of flesh! Weapon H has no choice: To protect his family, he must go to war. But one familiar figure has already beat him there: Fans of PLANET HULK and Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok, rejoice for the return of the stone man Korg!

And rejoice, fans certainly will - about as much as they have since Marvel confirmed Korg wasn't killed by Thanos after Ragnarok. It will be interesting to see what has turned the villainous Roxxon Corporation from twisted science and experimentation to full-on fantasy, and what "unlimited energy" can be taken from a dimension of swords-and-sorcery adventuring.

With demons and monsters spilling out as a completely impossible to predict, totally shocking development, it would seem that Korg and the Hulkverine's fight should be a short one. Better to spend their time - and strength, and supreme slashing and bashing skills - on slaying the Weirdworld beasts. And all things considered, we would guess that's where this tale is heading.

After delivering a throwback, outlandish adventure with Planet Hulk, it makes sense that Pak would call on Korg as he seeks to do the same with his Hulk-Wolverine. And the artwork by Guiu Vilanova (and this above cover by Philip Tan) is more than up to the challenge. The only thing left to do... is place your bets.

Weapon H, or Korg: who ya got?

Weapon H #8 will be available on October 3 from Marvel Comics.

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