Marvel's Hulk/Wolverine Hybrid is New Weapon X?

There are bad ideas, and there are colossally dangerous, potentially world-ending ideas. And if the mad scientists of the Marvel Universe are in charge, combining the genes of Hulk and Wolverine isn't done at the risk of creating an unstoppable killing machine - that's the actual goal. At least, that's what the comics publisher seems to be teasing with their latest artwork, depicting a Hulk/Wolverine hybrid being bred by the secretive military group responsible for all manner of genetic monstrosities.

The idea was previously teased in an image of a "Hulkverine" in a test chamber, possessing the massive, muscular body of the Incredible Hulk... and the enormous adamantium claws of the Wolverine. Why anyone would ever think that combination was wise became a hot topic among fans, but also raised questions about the science behind this comic book clone. Thanks to a new image, fans can all agree on one point: the insane mastermind of this beast has coated its skeleton in adamantium, and it may all be in service of Mavel's next subject of the Weapon X program. (There is no line they won't cross.)

The new image is as official as it gets, coming directly from Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso (who also released the first teaser image with the caption "under construction"). The follow-up shows an x-ray view of the Hulkverine, confirming its metal skeleton, with a suspiciously obstructed view of exactly which "Weapon" designation it's yet to receive. Take a look:

The Blueprint

— axel alonso (@axelalonsomarv) March 28, 2017

The simplest conclusion would be that this Weapon X-- sorry, Weapon "X" is intended to be the size of the Incredible Hulk, but possess the armor, claws, and likely healing factor of the Wolverine. But if the previous image piqued the curiosity (or tested the gullibility) of Marvel Comics fans, this one shifts all the attention to the figure standing in front of the x-ray board. Not only for his key placement (phew), but the identity of the man who would dare to tempt fate with an indestructible, super-strong killing machine. The odds-on favorite at this point seems to be General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, for his physical appearance, and the fact that he's probably experiencing some Hulk envy, what with a new Red Hulk alive and well in Marvel's U.S.Avengers.

Whether or not it's a known character crafting this hybrid, it would seem that the Weapon X program - having produced Deadpool, Wolverine, and plenty other mutant soldiers - is substantially upping their game. For what purpose, or for what mission can't possibly be predicted. That is, unless the white-haired mastermind knows of some coming threat to the Marvel Universe that only a Hulkverine could hope to stop...

This tease also comes at an interesting time, with Hulk and Wolverine both currently "dead" in the main Marvel Universe. For Logan, it was a voluntary death encased in liquid adamantium back in The Death of Wolverine. For Bruce Banner, it was an arrow to the head kicking off Marvel's Civil War II. Fans knew that neither character would stay dead for good, but recent weeks have seen the publisher tease, then later confirm the heroes were coming back to life as part of the upcoming Generations. However, those returns were framed in a positive light, with the resurrected heroes working alongside their replacements. This Hulk/Wolverine test subject has a much more sinister vibe, so it may be completely unrelated (the events surrounding Hulkverine coming and going by then isn't outside the realm of possibility).

More information will be needed to get concrete answers, but this image is more than enough to get the questions brewing. Whose idea is this new Weapon X concoction? What purpose could a Hulkverine possibly serve in the name of justice or security? And just how will it all go wrong - as it almost certainly will? Your theories are as good as ours, so make sure to share them in the comments!

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Source: Axel Alonso

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