Marvel Reveals New Wolverine/Hulk Hybrid

Wolverine Hulk Hybrid Comic

They may not have a happy history together, but there's no question: when Wolverine and Hulk cross paths in the Marvel Universe, you're going to get something worth remembering. But after countless battles, crossovers, or even years-long wars between one and the descendants of the other, a unique time in the Marvel Universe has arrived. As other heroes go on with their lives, hatching plans of world domination or all-out war... both Wolverine and the Incredible Hulk are, for all intents and purposes, dead.

That problems looks to potentially be coming to an end - in a way. Thanks to a surprise tease from Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, it looks like the comics giant may be solving two problems with a single solution. We can't say who's responsible for the breakthrough, or how the results will compare to the previous version, but what we can say is: someone, somewhere, is fusing the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine into a single body. Let's hope they're nowhere near it when it wakes up.

For Marvel fans who haven't been keeping up on recent comic developments, it may come as a surprise to hear that Wolverine - "Logan" as he's known to his friends - was killed in the aptly titled Death of Wolverine series back in 2014, and has actually stayed dead (encased in adamantium). In the meantime, X-23 has stepped up to take the name for herself in the main Wolverine comic series. As for Bruce Banner, well, Marvel's Civil War II actually broke out into open conflict following his death at the hands of Hawkeye (a contingency plan put into place by Banner himself).

As is the case with Wolverine, Jennifer Walters has stepped up to leave the moniker of "She-Hulk" behind her to lead the Hulk series proper. Fans may have expected to see Logan and Banner return to the world of Marvel at some point, but prior to Alonso's Tweet, probably didn't expect to see them do so in one body.

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Being grown under the watchful eye of mysterious scientists stands a specimen unmistakably possessed of the silhouette of Hulk, plus the signature adamantium claws of Wolverine. Apparently named "Batch-H" while still "under construction," the creature appears to be a merging of both Logan and Banner's DNA - either that, or this is a bit of mad science intended to fuse both together from scratch (which has almost always proved a horrible idea in the past). Or, we suppose, it's simply an over-muscled Wolverine clone bathed in emerald light... no, this is definitely Hulkverine.

Wolverine Hulk Hybrid Batch H

As far as teases go, this is a substantial one, raising several questions surrounding the parties responsible for this experiment, whether it's an attempt to replicate the heroes' powers, or their personalities, and what it could mean for both the fallen and succeeding heroes. There's also the question of whether the combination will produce something heroic or monstrous - or which one would open up the more intriguing story possibilities. After all, this wouldn't be the first time a monstrous Banner was resurrected following his Civil War II death.

It won't be the first time that Marvel has combined the powers of Hulk and Wolverine, as fans are sure to recall the appearance of Logan during the Secret Wars: Civil War series back in 2015. In that story, it was a massive, grey Hulk who turned out to be Logan, able to deploy his claws at Captain America's urging. Even so, this is big news, likely to have fans wondering why such an insane combination should be teased with no other context? Honestly, the simplest explanation may be any and all ways of stealing some attention away from rival DC's "Rebirth" success (and we doubt fans will complain).

Until more details arrive, or further teases, Marvel devotees will be free to speculate on the purpose, the purveyors, and the outcome of this dangerous science. Is a Hulk/Wolverine hero what the Marvel Universe needs to recapture some fun after hero-on-hero fighting? Or would you rather see the return of Hulk and Wolverine as you know them?

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