Even the most seemingly invincible superheroes have their weaknesses. Typically, these vulnerabilities are notable and direct: Superman to Kryptonite, Martian Manhunter to fire, and classic Green Lantern to the color yellow, to name a few examples.

For a raging, jade behemoth like The Incredible Hulk, however, no weakness is obviously apparent. With unlimited super strength that only increases as he grows angrier, as well as enhanced durability, endurance, and regeneration, The Hulk is a hard guy to put down.

The iconic hero is well known for being nearly indestructible, it’s usually his surroundings that suffer from his destruction, while the big guy remains perfectly intact.

Hulk has battled armies, monsters, and even superhero teams, yet still emerges as the victor more often than not. Once in a while a clever enough villain or well-meaning superhero trying to curb Hulk’s destructive anger finds a way to stop his never ending rage. Digging beyond the big, green surface, even Hulk has an Achilles’ heel or two…

Here are the 15 Weaknesses You Didn’t Know The Hulk Had.

15. Adamantium

9 Savage Wolverine v Hulk head stab 15 Weaknesses You Didnt Know The Hulk Had

Marvel’s trademark, indestructible metal is a deadly weapon when put to proper use. It is even capable of piercing the flesh of the most durable heroes, such as Luke Cage and, of course, the Hulk.

Adamantium is so effective in fact, that a constant rival hero uses it again Hulk whenever they clash. In The Incredible Hulk #181, Wolverine was introduced as an agent of the Canadian government sent to take down Hulk.

The two had a bit of a scuffle until they decided to team up against mutual enemy the Wendigo. There would be many encounters between the monster and the mutant over the decades, with Logan successfully piercing, cutting, and slicing at Hulk

One other mentionable adamantium user is Speedfreek, who manages to slice Hulk’s stomach open with a blade made of the powerful metal.  Fortunately, Hulk’s healing factor closes his stomach back up, but unfortunately, it closed up around his fingers and, in a grisly moment, he had to tear his hand out and reopen the wound.

14. Bruce Banner

Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner 15 Weaknesses You Didnt Know The Hulk Had

It’s a well-known fact that resting inside the green behemoth’s muscle bound body is the meek scientist Bruce Banner. Of course Banner should get precedence over The Hulk as he was the one to exist first, though Hulk is often portrayed as not being overly fond of his weaker counterpart. As Bruce Banner, he is vulnerable and is often taken advantage of by villains, and even by The Punisher on one occasion. In the Punisher storyline Confederacy of Dunces, Frank Castle took a kidnapped Banner, fed him C4 explosives and unleashed him as the Hulk against rival superheroes Wolverine, Spider-Man and Daredevil. Castle then denoted the C4 to turn Hulk back into Banner…because the Punisher is nuts.

Most recently Bruce Banner was ultimately killed in his human form by Hawkeye at the scientist’s own request. He instructed Hawkeye if he ever saw him turning back into the Hulk to take him out–the archer begrudgingly obliged and put an arrow in Banner’s head the moment he saw his eyes flicker green.