25 Hilarious Hulk Vs Superman Memes That Show Who’s Stronger

Hulk vs Superman

When it comes to comic book characters, you can't get much stronger than the Incredible Hulk and Superman. Both DC and Marvel have their heavy-hitters, which has led more than a few comic book nerds to question who would win in a fight.

Fortunately, the two companies acquiesced to the demand over the years and various crossovers have seen Marvel's Jade Giant go up against the Last Son of Krypton. Those battles were fun and exciting, but we don't care about them when it comes to this article. This list is all about the memes and there are plenty for each character to go around. Thanks to movies, cartoons, comics, video games, and more, the Internet has had a great deal of imagery to work with and there are a plethora of fun and intelligent memes covering both characters.

For this list, we wanted to look at the memes dealing with each character individually, but also those pitting the two giants against one another. This list will act as a sort of unofficial meme competition between the two comic book giants. We will jump around between memes involving either character or both until we find the very best in an epic showdown answering the question once and for all: who would win in a fight: Superman or the Incredible Hulk?

Everyone has their own opinions on the subject so please let us know in the comments who you think would be the winner in comic book fandom's ultimate battle!

In the meantime, here are our picks for 25 Hilarious Hulk Vs Superman Memes That Show Who’s Stronger

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You can't kick off a meme battle between juggernauts like Marvel's The Incredible Hulk and DC's Superman without showcasing a meme of the two battling it out! Nothing gets fans more riled up than a good propositional Death Battle and memes like this are certain to start an Internet war, which is a good thing!

Granted, some fandoms can be incredibly mean to their stars, but fortunately, Marvel and DC fans tend to enjoy pitting their greatest characters against one another in a war of words and funny images. W ith that, this meme battle is on!


If there's one thing we all know about the Incredible Hulk, it's that he has a strong and intense desire to smash. It's his go-to after all so when Steve Rogers gave out his orders in the final act of the first Avengers film, he did so by pointing and simply saying, "Hulk... Smash."

Really, there wasn't more to say to a giant green bipedal tank whose existence is the result of rage.

You have to let that rage out and there isn't a better place to do it than against your enemies.

This shot from that movie sets up Hulk's raison d'être perfectly as you simply must excuse him - he's got things to smash.


Fans of Marvel and DC have their favorites when it comes to the films and Marvel/Disney's track record in this arena is well in the lead of DC.

The DCEU doesn't seem to follow a set tone while the Marvel films have remained consistent across nearly 20 films in only 10 years. Those movies have pulled in a record $16.8 billion

Over at DC, there are only five films at the time of this writing with a combined take of $3.75 billion. Seeing as Avengers: Infinity War just passed the $2 billion mark all on its own, it's clear to see the DCEU has a few things to learn from its biggest competition.


Fans are pretty much the reason for lists like this one. "Who would win in a fight" is pretty much the starting line for any fan approaching another should their shirts not match universes. When a Superman shirt-wearing fan approaches another fan wearing giant green fists at a comic book convention, you know things are going to get ugly.

There's always a reason why X superhero would easily beat up Y superhero, but in the end, it doesn't matter.

The writers will always come up with innovative ways to keep their characters going, which is exactly what the fans wantmore of their favorite characters kicking butt and taking names.


Superman has a lot of superpowers. He can shoot lasers from his eyes, he's pretty much invulnerable and possibly immortal, and he has great hair. This comic looks at another of his amazing traits he could employ in a fight against pretty much anyone that makes the whole argument/purpose for this meme list moot: his compassion.

It looks like all the Man of Steel needs to do in order to "beat" the Hulk is to give him a hug.

Seeing as he is a rage monster, it makes some sense, which is why this comic works in Superman's favor. Still, it's hard to imagine anyone other than Black Widow could calm down the Hulk.


If you've spent more than a minute on the Internet in the past five years, you have likely seen this webcomic somewhere. It takes a board meeting and throws in that one guy we all hate in those meetings who throws out a ridiculous idea, concept or answer. In this case, the guy really needs to know his universes.

There's nothing more annoying than talking to someone about Marvel and having them ask about Batman. Conversely, don't talk to a fan about the Man of Steel and ask if he has ever had a run-in with Spider-Man (he has, but that's totally not the point).

Know your universes, people!


Superman has "It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman!" as his best-known catchphrase while the Hulk has his, "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." The phrase was popularized by Bill Bixby on the Incredible Hulk television series back in the 1970s.

In some ways, the phrase has devolved into a comical one like you see here in this meme featuring two cosplayers walking down the street.

You really should take the Hulk's advice, though. Making him angry makes him stronger and you really don't want to make him stronger.


If you flip through the pages of Batman comics, you won't find many panels of the Dark Knight smiling. Give it a try sometime; the Bats is all business. What would it take to actually make the Batman smile? If this meme is any indication, it takes none other than the Man of Steel himself.

To be fair, the Hulk could probably get Batman to grin with his giant green fingers, but he would have to get close enough first.

If DC fans could tell you anything about Batman, it's that he wouldn't be caught off guard like that, which is why it takes a Kryptonian like Superman to make the man smile.


Oh, so you're telling me the MCU has a Hulk? What's a Hulk to someone like Superman? A

t various points across his 70+ year career in comics, video games, cartoons, movies, and other media, Superman has faced many foes, but he scoffs at the prospect of facing someone as simple as the Hulk!

The "We have a Hulk" line has popped up a couple of times in the MCU and it only ever worked once.

The first time, Hulk was a huge presence at the end of the first Avengers film, but in Avengers: Infinity War, it was uttered in the opening act and things didn't work out well for the Jade Giant.


Let's face it, when Tony Stark confronted Loki, the God of Mischief atop his glass and steel tower in the first Avengers movie, he was standing up to a god. Loki was far more powerful than Tony Stark could hope to be and as Loki pointed out, he had an army on his side.

When Loki mentions this— without skipping a beat— Tony replies, "We have a Hulk." When you are facing a foe like Loki, you need a Hulk.

When the two inevitably meet at the end of the movie, a couple of body slams into the ground leaves Loki bashed and broken as Hulk walks away saying, "Puny god."


We all know the Hulk is going to get to smashing as soon as he is ready, willing, and able. That's his signature move, after all. When he gets going as he is doing in this image, there's not much that can stop him. This meme simply shows what happens when the Hulk gets it in his mind to smash something.

When you're a giant rage monster intent on smashing, not even the Man of Steel is going to have much luck stopping you without a fight.

That's pretty much what has been captured here. Imploring the Hulk not to smash is about the only play Supes has in this situation.


There's no way we could get through this meme battle without a "before it was cool" meme. For this entry, we had to give it to the original superhero himself: Superman.

This meme doesn't simply pay homage to the spandex that started it all, it also pays respect to Christopher Reeves by using his picture.

There have been many actors who have played the character over the years, but across the numerous films, television series, and animated series, only one led two blockbuster summer flicks: Reeves, who was also the original movie superhero.


Odds are, you've seen a version of this Mmeme online before now, but it speaks to the nature of the Hulk so we had to give him props with it here. Hulk did, in fact, meet a couple of Norse gods and he did what anyone would have done in his situation. He didn't bow down and show them respect, he beat the crap out of them both.

When he picked up Loki and tossed him around like a rag doll, he did so immediately following Loki's proclamation that he was a god. This, of course, followed with the ever familiar reply of "Puny god," which is really all that needed to be said.


When it comes to memes online featuring the Hulk's flatulent abilities, this one was the tamest we found. There are more than a few of people standing amidst what looks like deadly green gas, but this one was our favorite.

Hawkeye is none too pleased to be smelling what the Hulk is putting out there.

The real question is, does anyone ever try to pin it on the Hulk? We feel the best policy when you are crop-dusted by the Hulk is the ever-familiar "The one who smelt it, dealt it" if only for safety purposes.


You can't toss some respect towards a guy like Superman without looking at one or two of his weaknesses. If he didn't have any weaknesses, the character wouldn't be very interesting given his immeasurable strength and other incredible abilities.

As we all know, the Man of Steel doesn't do very well when Kryptonite is thrown into the story and who better than the Green Lantern to trick him with some hard-light Kryptonite?

Superman's comment about it being Batman's idea is probably right on the money, which just goes to show the kind of relationship the members of the Justice League have.


Fans love to talk about the various weapons, armor, and unique items in the MCU by comparing how tough they are. Could this or that pierce Captain America's shield? What would it take to break Thor's hammer (well, his sister, as we now know) and other such questions are common. As it happens, there is one thing that can never be destroyed.

Look through the pages of Marvel Comics and every movie featuring the Hulk and he is sporting some seriously sturdy purple pants.

How they stay on when he transforms is anyone's guess, but whoever manufactures purple pants is raking it in in the MCU.


Leave it to the people on the Internet to take something like the Incredible Hulk and make it something entirely new and hilarious by dropping a couple of letters. There are many variations of the Credible Hulk Meme online, but most have a similar caption and picture of the Hulk wearing glasses.

Not only is he incredible, he's also credible too. However, he goes about backing up his rage with facts and documented sources, we don't know, but we also aren't about to do a peer review of his work. When it's the Credible Hulk, we prefer to just take him at his word.


This has got to be the most played meme online, but that's why we love it, right? Let's consider what is being said here. "One does not simply insult the Hulk" is probably the best advice anyone could possibly give to somebody in the Marvel Universe.

People have lobbed a few gems at the Jade Giant a few times over the years, but most regretted it immediately.

It's probably best to follow Boromir's advice and leave the Hulk alone, that's what he is always asking for anyways.


Well, it seems Superman didn't get the memo and decided to not only insult the Hulk - he called out his mama. To be fair, the Hulk doesn't have a mother. He doesn't have a father either unless you count Bruce Banner, but never mention puny Banner to Hulk! That being said, it doesn't seem like the Hulk would take too kindly to what Supes is saying here.

This meme is how the fight started between the two characters. Supes is about to get smashed!


The most recent portrayal of the Incredible Hulk by Mark Ruffalo is truly amazing and the CGI is absolutely stunning, but there is nothing better than Lou Ferrigno's original performance in the 1978 television series.

Back in the '70s, we didn't need CGI - or we didn't have CGI, but even if we had it, we didn't need it because we had Ferrigno.

Ferrigno has been involved with the Hulk since the 1970s and has appeared alongside, in, or as the Hulk in every portrayal since then. He voices him in games and cartoons, and has even popped up in live-action performances in cameos.

He's the original Incredible Hulk and he did it all with body paint.


DC has had to reshape its universe a number of times over the years and whenever it happens, characters are changed. The first crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earths served to do two things: it cleaned up DC's massive multiverse problem and it weakened Superman.

By that time, Superman had become so powerful in the comics, a punch by the Incredible Hulk didn't even cause a hair to sway out of place.

He was too powerful and it was getting kind of ridiculous, like in this picture here! DC fixed it for the most part, which is why Supes couldn't take a hit like this today.


Sure, the MCU has a Hulk, but is that something everybody who hears that information is going to care about? In this meme, we have the familiar line from The Avengers with Superman on the bottom looking like he simply could care less about anything to do with some big green guy.

Superman is easily the strongest being in all of comics - depending on who is writing him - and in most fights, he has to hold back.

Hearing about the Hulk doesn't even phase him.

In fact, he really should be wearing some shades in this shot when you get right down to it.


People have been making fun of Superman's attire for years. It wasn't until recently that the Man of Steel finally put his underwear on beneath his pants! DC eventually made the switch back to him wearing his shorts on the outside, but no matter what the company does, the fans will comment on his clothing.

What does he sleep in? Well, if you're the toughest person in all the universe, you clearly have to sleep in Chuck Norris' pajamas. The real question is did he ask for them or did he take them? There's no telling, but we don't know if Superman could stand up to Chuck Norris.


In the Marvel Universe, there's a material called "Unstable Molecules" used to manufacture superhero clothing. It's a way of writing characters like Mister Fantastic, who would normally stretch out their clothes by allowing their clothes to change shape and withstand anything.

It's basically a magic material that cannot be burned, torn, stretched, or destroyed.

In this meme, the suggestion is that the Hulk's indestructible pants are made of such a material, but even they are losing their instability. It would take the Incredible Hulk to damage unstable molecules, though, but fortunately, he knows how to fix them.

Hulk not only smash. Hulk have sewing talent too!


Hulk is always saying he's the strongest there is and for the most part, that's true. At least over in the Marvel Universe, the Hulk can't be stopped by anyone - unless they have an Infinity Stone or two. Over in the DC Universe, Superman is generally regarded as the strongest there is, but he doesn't go around saying it.

That's one of the ways the Hulk and Superman differ, which is exactly what this meme is pointing out. Superman heard the Hulk was the strongest there was and he decided to test that theory.


Who do you think is stronger: the Hulk or Superman? Let us know in the comments!

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