Hulk Smash Puny Avengers?

Marvel Studios has us already talking about a movie not set to be released until 2011: The Avengers. That film will no doubt be of epic proportions.

Director Louis Leterrier, who brought us The Incredible Hulk, suggested to MTV News (back in June) that they couldn't find a villain that could challenge the teaming of Iron Man, Ant-Man, Thor and Captain America.

And his solution was for them to use his.

Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, the writers of Iron Man, couldn't agree more.  They're rumored to be writing another Marvel movie in the near future - one that has not been announced.  Here's the excerpt from MTV News:

“I hope ‘The Avengers’ embraces that,” Fergus said of having the Hulk as misunderstood baddie. “You don’t want like 10 super-badass good guys fighting together. Where’s the fun in that? Let’s break it off a little. Friends or colleagues who become enemies is always an interesting thing because you know it’s based on love and friendship and that’s always the worst thing to have turn bad — is someone you actually care about and someone you actually believe in.”

Now the Hulk has ripped through nearly every Marvel comic book series, so I couldn't be happier with this news.  In Ultimates, Vol. 1, Nick Fury recruits Giant-Man (read as: Ant-Man), the Wasp (that Eva Longoria rumor), Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, to take down a rampaging Hulk.  Marvel's big green monster has always been out of control, so when they said he was a part of the Avengers team in the movie it rubbed me the wrong way. And although Hulk was part of the first Avengers team in the comics, I think this movie is going to be about assembling said team and he'll be the last piece in the puzzle.

The good guys always win, but to protect our borders and secure the homeland, they'll have to go through little ol' Bruce Banner to do it.  Can they trust one another?  They are working for the government, after all.

Source: MTV Spash Page

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