Hulk Smash! Feud Between Ed Norton And Marvel?

Before I start off, I just want to say I have high hopes for this movie, because I feel that the star, director and studio, along with the rest of the cast and crew, want to give us, the fans, the best movie possible.

There's strong word that a possible feud between writer/star Edward Norton (Bruce Banner/The Hulk) and Marvel Studios is brewing over the editing of The Incredible Hulk. Specifically at issue: What's the best "cut" for the film.

To get Norton on board as Banner/Hulk in the "re-do," if you will, of the movie franchise, Marvel Studios allowed Norton to re-write the script, originally written by Zak Penn (X-Men: The Last Stand), plus he was allowed additional creative input into the production and editing of the film.

And apparently that's where the alleged feud lies.

The Hulk trailer premieres Wednesday night, and Norton himself helped cut it together. But now, Marvel bigwigs are having a feud (or debate, because I hear it isn't too bad as of yet) with Norton on how to best edit the movie, ie, which is the best edited version of the film.

With the June 13, 2008 date release coming up fast, the picture needs to be "locked" and finalized in just around a month! Yes, there will still be VFX work done, probably up to the last couple of weeks, but if Norton and the Marvel bigwigs are still debating over the cut, it could push back the lock date, which could mean more money poured into the $150 million budget to make that release date.

Vic and I have both talked a lot about the lack of advertising and marketing on the movie, just three months from its premiere. Could this be one of the reasons? Or is it just Marvel and Universal being cautious after the Ang Lee version debacle?

I think it's the latter.

So where does this leave director Louis Leterrier? In the middle, apparently. Most directors don't get final cut too often, so he's just delivering the best version he and the studios, and Norton, can give to us, the fans.

My gut's telling me that Norton's involvement is a great thing, and they'll get this all resolved. I hope they can come to an agreement and give us the Hulk movie we wanted five years ago! HULK SMASH!'

Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily

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