Hulk revealed!

Advanced Dark, a major fan on Superhero Hype!, MySpace and more has revealed a still from bootlegged footage from Comic-Con, showing off the new Hulk from next summer's The Incredible Hulk!

I like the new look, it's more in line with the comic, though I'd say don't get too comfortable with it. We know how things change constantly (like the look of King Kong, which was a bit annoying--settle on it BEFORE the public reveal) during production.

The script was re-written by Edward Norton, who is a major actor and is playing Banner. Liv Tyler plays Betty Ross, Tim Roth is the Abomination, Tim Blake Nelson is the Leader, and William Hurt plays General Ross (I'd like to have seen Sam Elliot return). Louis Leterrier directs and was hired based on his passion and ideas.

By the way, I felt like the effects were good in Hulk, and ILM should've been on this one, but I believe Rhythm and Hues are handling FX duties.

I liked elements of Ang Lee's Hulk, but as a whole, not so good. You have to show the Hulk much earlier than an hour into the film, ya know!

Source: Advanced Dark

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