10 Hilarious Hulk Logic Memes Only True Marvel Fans Will Understand

Ever since he took over the role from Ed Norton in 2012’s The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal of the Hulk has been one of the biggest fan-favorites in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Throughout all the phases that have come and gone, Bruce Banner and his inner green hero have captured the hearts of millions of fans. Even though Ruffalo’s time with the character has yet to give him a solo film, Hulk continues to pop up where he is needed and, quite frankly, wherever he wants to be. Following his big adventures in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame; who knows what is next for the beloved hero.

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With the big popularity that a character like Hulk has gained all over the world, comes the Internet and its gifts. Whether it is an endless run of memes, hilarious fan-art or GIFs, fandom has their way of showing appreciation for a character with a laugh added. Believe it or not but if you slip up, you could be stuck watching Internet work that adds a bit of hilariousness to your character. The Hulk has been a key player since the first phase of the massive MCU that has allowed for so many phenomenal moments to become memes by fans. Whether it’s adding a bit of comedy to Hulk’s anger problems or his softer side, there’s a lot to choose from. With that said, here are ten of the funniest memes about Hulk.

10 Hulk’s History With Gods

Throughout the MCU, we have had the pleasure of seeing either godlike or actual gods working together with the Avengers. There is always the notion of whether or not our heroes are religious, atheists, or agnostics. For example, as this meme suggests, Captain America (Chris Evans) might be Christian while Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) is an atheist. They have met a God or two and still, supposedly, stuck to their beliefs. When it comes to the Hulk though, that’s a different story as he, just like the meme brilliantly points out, destroyed them in battle.

9 Monday vs Friday

If you aren’t a big fan of Mondays, you aren’t alone. The same goes for someone truly loving Fridays as the workweek is finally about to come to an end. Whether you like or hate Mondays, everyone has their own way of dealing with the first workday of the week.

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It would make so much sense to see Hulk being an absolute hater of Mondays while being the biggest fan of Fridays. If you had to guess, how does the Hulk spend his Friday nights?

8 Throwing the Logic

Everyone knows the saying about throwing logic out the window. What happens to someone when they do is heavily individual. However, what happens when Bruce, out of all people, decides to follow that philosophy? While Hulk has his strength as one of his biggest gifts, Bruce has logic as one of his greatest gifts. What would the world look like if Bruce decided to screw logic before Hulking out? Prediction: it would probably not end very well at all.

7 Same Vibe

While they aren’t really the same kind of character, Hulk and Shrek definitely do share some anger issues, without a doubt. Shrek’s anger problems, however, are definitely on the same scale as the incredible Avenger. However, Endgame starts a big new chapter for Hulk as they adapt the iconic Professor Hulk aspect of the iconic Marvel hero.

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With that said, while they are nowhere near being the same kind of character, this meme of Shrek having a Professor Hulk look to him nails it: they have the same vibe.

6 Trouble in School

It’s safe to say that many of us had a fight or two with our teachers in school when growing up. Sometimes it could be a small argument or a heated debate. Whether you disagree with your teacher about their methods or feeling unfairly punished, you probably had some conflict with at least one teacher. If that resulted in being expelled, then that’s individual. However, this meme hits the point about how you might look when fighting your teacher vs how you come off when you try to explain to your family what led you to be expelled from school.

5 Alternative Secret

In the first Avengers film, Bruce reveals at one point that his secret is that he is always angry. That’s why he had such an easy time shifting into the Hulk during the final battle. But what if Bruce’s inner anger wasn’t the source of what fuels him to become the Hulk?

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Imagine a scenario where Bruce just doesn’t eat very often and he gets the classic case of being hangry. If we are being real technical here, it was very rare to see Bruce ever eat anything throughout any of his film appearances. So the hangry scenario could absolutely be a real thing here.

4 Extended Brag

Everyone remembers the drama and disaster that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) caused in the first Avengers installment. For their first adventure as a team, Loki certainly didn’t make things easy for Earth’s mightiest heroes. We all remember that brilliant moment between him and Tony where they are listing their respective brags. “We have a Hulk” has become one of the most iconic lines in the movie. But what if Tony had actually showcased some of Bruce’s other great qualities aside from being able to change into an enormous, green rage monster?

3 The Preferred Reunion

Who doesn’t remember when Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Hulk reunited in Thor: Ragnarok? It’s pretty difficult to forget as they were literally pitted against one another, to begin with. Because who doesn’t love themselves a good old fight between two Avengers that doesn’t have to turn into another Captain America: Civil War. This short, simple and sweet meme really gives us a better reunion between the two allies as a bro-hug would have been even better than a surprise fight. But what’s done is done.

2 Statement vs Reality

While many may love the Hulk, there are definitely plenty of people in the MCU that have had their issues with the green monstrous Avenger. In their defense, the Hulk hasn’t always had the best control of his own anger, at least in his early adventures in the MCU. It definitely took a minute for the Hulk to get the love he deserved. So to hear Hulk claim that Earth hates him vs when we see what life is like for him in Endgame is incredibly hilarious. Whoever thought we’d see the day when Hulk would be taking pictures with fans?

1 The Real Hero

Without a doubt, the plan to undo Thanos’ (Josh Brolin) actions was a major group effort, to say the least. From the massive time travel journey of gathering all the stones to taking down his massive army, it was a job for all of our heroes. However, when it came to doing the Snap with the home-made Infinity Gauntlet, only one person at a time could do it. The first one to do it was none other than Hulk who had to pay a big price by snapping everyone back. But Tony is the one to do the final Snap that defeats Thanos. While Tony ends up paying that cost with his life, where was the appreciation for Hulk bringing everyone back? This meme brings up an unspoken point that really makes us feel bad for dear old Hulk.

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